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rclafton 16 Feb 2012 20:54

8.25 16 tyres
I'm looking at getting a set of wheels made for my Iveco

Could I run 8.25/16 tyres on 7 inch wide rims ?

I currently run them on 5.5's which isn't perfect, but the wheel manufacturer seems to start widths at 7 inches, 6.5 " would probabily be the right width allowing 8.25/16 , 255/85/16 or even 255/100/16

Gipper 17 Feb 2012 04:27

Hi Rich,

yep 7 inch is a little bit wide for an 8.25/16 - should be 6.5in or you could get away with 6 inchers.

recommended rim for a 255/100/16 is also 6.5 in.

Are you using split rims or regular rims?

rclafton 17 Feb 2012 09:17

You've confirmed what I thought, I'm looking at having some wheels made as the 6.5 inch wheels for Ivecos are hard to come buy and expensive

These would be tubeless rims - mach 5's by Matt Lee so I'll have to see if he can do 6.5 inch

marky116 31 Jan 2013 06:04

Be warned I believe the 40.10 military spec that run these bigger wheels also have larger bearings to match! not so sure that I would bet my dead grannies soul on this info but it might be worth checking out. Bigger tires more pressure on joints etc so wear may be higher. I wondered what advantage this upgrade would really give me especially when in the desert. Bot I found my biggest problem there was keep the power on over the bumps/corigations. It was the bad suspension that got me stuck not the tyre size. But the larger size do look cool!! Just buy a long handled shovel its a lot cheaper!!

One reason I would go up to this is size is the extra weight rating I think my 7.50 xzls were on there limited and it increased the prob of punctures especially on tarmac. They got to warm!
hope this helps
bigger tires wouldn't have helped here just bigger shovel!! http://www.flickr.com/photos/nicolum...ream/lightbox/

p.s plenty of the larger sizes in Italy or if your going through Pakistan you can easily change in Islamabad. Have a connection in Italy if you need it

rclafton 31 Jan 2013 21:13

I run on 8.25 16s , not too heavy compared to 750x16, but with a 128 load rating as my iveco is heavy

Wouldn't go for 255/100/16 - difficult to get in the uk let alone anywhere else, not sure about the bearings. Irish electricity have just got rid of a bunch of trucks and they were all on 8.25/16 xzl - even harder to get than their big brother

I'm resigned to staying with the standard wheels - anything else is too expensive

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