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TonUp 5 Jun 2007 22:10

Uralrider Please check your PMs/email
Trying to get in touch with you sir.

Braaart 6 Jun 2007 08:01

Hi Uralrider

I've just arrived in Bishkek and heard you're in town. I would like to buy a bike here or across in Almaty. Any help/leads you can provide would be appreciated - please email.

Thanks, Martin.

Uralrider 8 Jun 2007 06:01

Hello Martin,

I am in Kabul at the moment on business and will not be back in Bishkek for a week or so. To get a bike in Bishkek is easy, get the classifieds and a translator, you can pick up a Ural in the 200 range, A Jawa in the 350 range and if you want something else like a japanese Bike it will cost a LOT. That is my experiance, the market is okay but it is high priced and you need to go on sundays. If you just want a small Chinese bike there is a place across from the Osh bazar that sells them brand new in the 500 range, they are about 250cc but you can get around on them. Hope this helps.

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