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brfoster 12 Aug 2010 05:41

Travel in Tajikistan/Pamirs
I was wondering if anyone has any current info about obtaining the GBAO permit for Tajikistan.

I am in the early stages of planning an overland trip from Australia to Europe. Part of the trip is to enter Kyryzstan from China via the Irkeshtam Pass and then cross into Tajikistan and on to Dushanbe via the Pamir Highway. To do this I need the GBAO permit.

Is it possible to get the GBAO permit anywhere other than Dushanbe or Bishkek? I plan to enter China from Pakistan via the Karakoram Highway and have read that the GBAO permit can be issued at the Tajik Embassy in Islamabad. Can anyone confirm this?

Any other advice/suggestions/recommendations greatly appreciated.


Pumbaa 12 Aug 2010 07:45

We got our GBAO permit in Murghab in Oct 2008. Easy process (except for no power when we wanted to get photocopies of visas or something like that). We entered from Kyrgyz (Sary Tash)

expeditionswest 13 Aug 2010 12:15

We currently have the permit and obtained it through the visa service at the same time as the tourist visa. All pretty easy.

We cross into Tajikistan tomorrow- time will tell how we fair with the current storms in the area. . .

brfoster 14 Aug 2010 07:48

Hi Scott,

Do you have the contact details for the visa agency that you used? I have never used visa agencies before. Have always dealt with embassies directly.
I notice you are from the US. Is the agency in the US also? If so, does it deal with other nationalities?

Good luck with your Pamirs trip. Look forward to hearing about it.


Chri8 22 Aug 2010 17:22

GBAO Permit can also be optained in Dushanbe at the OVIR same day or one day waiting, without any support by agencies. Seems to be the cheapest way if you have one day in Dushanbe.
We got ours in Vienna, because they don├čt list Roshtkala, we had one time some discomfort in this district.

vincek100 22 Aug 2010 22:07

Normally, when applying for visa, just ask for GBAO permit. That's the easiest way.

brfoster 23 Aug 2010 10:45

Thanks for all the replies.

Unfortunately my problem is a bit different. There is no Tajikistan Embassy in Australia so I can't get one before I leave Australia - I will have to get it "on the road". As I am going from Australia to Europe, I will be comimg from from Pakistan to China to Kyrgyzstan to Tajikistan - so I have to get the GBAO before I get to Dushanbe. I have read elsewhere on the internet that I can get it in Bishkek but I wasn't planning to go in that direction. So far, my only options are Islamabad (if it really is possible) or possibly Murgab (thanks Pumbaa for the info).

Any further ideas greatly appreciated.

brfoster 29 Aug 2010 13:16

Have found plenty of info at pamirs.org. Have been advised to avoid Great Game Travel and TravelTajikistan. Stantours and travelcour seem to be the choice for visas.


RTW2010 29 Aug 2010 19:05

We just did exactly the same route a few weeks back. The permit you should get at the same time you apply for the visa (mention it in your application, we did that and no problems). Problems are plentyfull though on the KKH. I wrote a report on our website Journey to Dakar, where you can get the latest.
Also for now the KKH is no passable as the boasts have no fuel right now.

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