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sverrirt 27 May 2007 10:33

Tires in Nowosibirsk,
Hi there, I am here in Nowosibirsk with my brother on two Yamaha XT660R on our way around the world. ( Round The World - sverrirt.blog.is) and we need front tires on our bikes. Does anybody know where to find it here ?

Lars 27 May 2007 12:39

Hi there,

see my post in this thread: http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/hub...n-russia-20926


martheijnens 28 May 2007 15:24

In Novosibirsk: NBS Motorservice

MartijnP 28 May 2007 23:37

Agree, or try the Yamaha shop in the centre


Bill Shockley 9 Oct 2007 08:28

Hey Everyone,
Just a quick warning not to count on tires in Novosobrisk.
When I came through in August headed west I had to buy used tires to get further down the road. NBS had a very poor selection of tires and no Euro dualsport rubber, ie.Metzler, Continential and so on(I know they are produced elsewhere).

All I can say is tires are a bitch in Russia and Mongolia.
I shipped two by train from Vlad to Chita but you need someone to pick them up(sometimes the Russian biker community can help so try them).

I hate to carry tires but in Russia it seems like it is the only alternative to Russian tires.
You can run them but the profiles are very flat and the rubber is long wearing but slippery.
Maybe others can comment on their experiences....
Good luck....

henryuk 9 Oct 2007 19:38

I know that NBS motor in Novosibirsk do get regular deliveries from NBS Moscow, where european parts are more readily available. There are certainly good tyres available.
Has anyone asked them if they can get them in to order? They are generally pretty useful, one of them drove me all over town looking for an oil filter at no charge, even bought me lunch!

Bill Shockley 10 Oct 2007 09:46

Hello Henry,
Communication was a problem the afternoon I was there, no one spoke much English and I don't speak Russian.
Also NBS is not easy to find.
A local rider showed me the way.
I don't mean to be critical.
I just don't think riders should plan on a selection of tires being anywhere in Novosobrisk.
I made that mistake.

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