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MasterMoDlx 4 Jun 2012 21:00

Temporary bike import Georgia
We are a German couple on a rtw trip (2 x F650GS single). We just left Turkey and entered Georgia through the border crossing at Sarp.

I was a little confused about the entry procedure since I awaited much more bureaucratic effort. Our passports were stamped and vehicle licence information was typed into a computer. The stamp in our passports shows a little depiction of a car which probably means that we imported a vehicle. However we didn't receive any further documents stating the temporary import nor a customs declaration whatsoever. They didn't even check for insurance. The friendly woman waved us through after she had the information she needed.

Has anyone made similar experience?

Mehmet Zeki Avar 4 Jun 2012 21:47

In Georgia, be sure your number plates are stamped correct on your passport pages..The rest is not important..friendly people and the system is not regular yet...was the same last august when we were there for Batumi Motocycle festival, still the same when 7 UK.friends entered Georgia 5 days ago,the same border gate....
For your inf;
kazbegi border between Georgia and Russia is open for non CIS citizens..
Wish you all the best.

SeanF 5 Jun 2012 05:23

I had the same experience. Aside from a small misunderstanding, I didn't even have to get off the bike to get processed through the borderfrom Azerbaijan. After the "fun" of Russian and Central Asian borders you can well imagine my shock. And friendly, English speaking officers with western-made M4s instead of Kalashnikovs. No bribes or helpers lurking around. :funmeteryes:

Enjoy it. I had a wonderful time in Georgia.

MasterMoDlx 5 Jun 2012 14:22

Thanks for the info. We don't have any licence plate numbers stamped in our passports - they were only typed into the computer. But hopefully everything's gonna be okay. It seemed quite a professional border processing

ride safely everyone!

wanderer78 12 Jun 2012 17:35

We crossed into Georgia from AZ last june. After Central-Asia, the easy and friendly Georgian border crossing was quite a shock indeed!

Don't worry about your passport, it's all in the computer. We got a black stamp in which they wrote a number and a date. Our license plate was not in our passport nor did we receive any documents.

The exit was as smooth as the entry ;)

Good luck,

Tony P 13 Jun 2012 13:40


Originally Posted by MasterMoDlx (Post 381470)
The stamp in our passports shows a little depiction of a car which probably means that we imported a vehicle.

The car emblem on the Entry stamp indicates you entered the country by a road border.
If you had arrived by flight at an international airport the stamp would show an aeroplane. Similarly a boat if entering at a sea port.

In my experience elsewhere, Passports are only ever about you and contain stamps only about your own Entry, Exit, Visas etc.

Passports have nothing to do with your vehicle.

Your vehicle is a Customs matter, not Border Control. Depending on the country, Passport details may be taken for the vehicle verification, tracking and documentation, but not stamped by Customs.

stephen.stallebrass 25 Jun 2012 12:04

That's excellent news. Georgia is sounding better and better: the Kazbegi border is open and getting through them is easy. Really looking forward to getting into Georgia.

Bit off topic... but for you folks that have been through Georgia, is there anywhere to draw out cash on or near the border? If not will there be someone lingering on the border to change some currency and what do they prefer to change? Will they take Euros, Dollars or Roubles in Georgia.

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