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khpostma 11 Jun 2012 17:14

Tajikistan - Bartung Valley
Has anybody ridden the Bartung Valley from Vomar (Rushan) all the way East to Karakul Lake (M41)? Any information on road conditions, especially on the east end?


Chri8 12 Jun 2012 18:48


conditions are variable and it is very likely that sometime (or more) a year you cannot pass for many days.
You can see pictures of our 2010 crossing under
Kurze Sommertour durch Mittelasien: Gemeinsam durch die Flut: Bartang bei Hochwasser

Some stretches would have been hard on a motorbike, because we had to carry our bikes sometimes (light motorbike?).
But this was an extraordinary event (may happen 2-3 times a year that road is blocked)



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