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vincent danna 25 May 2005 16:00

tajikistan, afghanistan : experiences ???

welcome to the central asia forum :-)

has anyone driven in tajikistan, afghanistan ?

any experiences ?

thanx for sharing


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davidmc 25 May 2005 19:44

Yes, the Central Asia forum!!!

I am planning on arriving in Central Asia (Turkmenistan) in August and I am also curious about Tajikistan and Afghanistan. My understanding is that the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan is one of the most amazing roads in the world.

I met an aid worker from Tajikistan a few months ago who said Tajikistan was perfectly safe to travel, but he was not a motorcyclist. Regarding Afghanistan, he heard from some other NGOs in the area that the route from the Tajikistan border to Kabul may be safe, but that the south and east was still unstable. So getting from Kabul to Peshawar may still be too risky.

I would like to confirm the above information (particularily Afghanistan, as my information is hearsay) if anyone knows anything current. I hope the situation is Afghanistan is improving.


vincent danna 25 May 2005 22:04

i saw this by doing a google search :


quite interesting for formalities and roads

if you do a google search about riding motorbike in afghanistan, they only talk almost about terrorists riding motorbikes throwing grenades !

vincent danna 26 May 2005 21:41

about travelling in afghanistan : some usefull info, via a google search :


seanh 27 May 2005 16:45

Hi Vincent, I stayed with the same family you did in Bukhara when I went through last September. I continued on to Tajikistan and had a great time, the road over the Pamirs is spectacular, although not steep topography as it is a plateau. The approaches, however, on either side of the plateau are steep sided valleys and the road follows the Afghan border for 250km, Afghanistan is literally just across the river.
Don't go in late October like I did or you'll be riding across snow and ice. Facilities are very limited, homestays are the done thing. Check out the Tajikistan chapter of my website for some photos and info. www.hotkey.net.au/~howmans

vincent danna 31 May 2005 16:12


alec (simmo) was here in paris a few days ago, he told me about your trip (very nice!), i had forgotten.

how did you feel in tajikistan ? did you feel safe ? are the roads as stunning as people say ? quite easy to travel like in kaz., kirg., ouzbek., turk. ?

what do you think about driving in afghanistan ? why didn t you go ? safety visa reasons or just you planned not to go ?


nb : i wanted to go to tajik. but double entry visa problem with ouzbek. and kirg. and i wasn t sure about safety; i regret a bit. afghanistan : no visa problem (i had one + UN convoy) but not safe at all; no regret.

Any other thoughts or experiences ?

malmoerik 31 May 2005 20:49

David Berghof (who I'm sure you know about, if not, search the forum) recommended me to drive through Tadjikistan but I didn't have the time. That I take as an input that it should be rather safe. Be aware that a lot of heroin gets shipped out from Afghanistan through Tadjikistan. So I wouldn't go venturing off, ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time. I think some English reportes got into some problems at the border, but then again, they were making a documentary, which might not be so well recieved by the border guards http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/wink.gif.

Reinhart Mazur 1 Jun 2005 04:35

In summer 2004 we made an extensive trip with our Toyota LandCruiser across Central Asia and China, including Pamir-Highway and Karakorum-Highway. Travel account and many photos showing both highways may be found on http://www.tlc-exped.net/R23Bericht.html



vincent danna 1 Jun 2005 13:51

thanx again :

David Berghof : http://stantours.com/

a friend, henri c., plans to drive through central asia very soon (tajik. and afghan. included), he is now in central asia (turkmen. or ouzbek.), and i worry a bit about him ...

henri 1 Jun 2005 14:19


Dont be afraid Vincent, I am allright.


In Lonely planet, they say that you dont need to register at OVIR if you have a transit visa. Which is partly true: it is only if you stay less than 5 days that you don t need to register.
That happened to me and the consequence is that I cannot come again in Turkmenistan before 2010!!!!! Anyway, I dont want to come again in that country who is really crazy. Notice also that it is forbidden to sleep in private homes like i did.

Question for Tajikistan: If I do the visa in Kirghizistan, do I need a LOI?

I just arrive in Khiva, Uzbekistan, and recover from the hard days in Turkmenistan: F...ck His President, The great stupid Neazov.

Have nice roads and thank you in advance for your help about Tadjikistan.

More info? www.electaunavia.org (french)

Adrian 1 Jun 2005 20:08

I am planning to travel across the pamir highway later this year (refer www.users.bigpond.net.au/AdrianScott)

Does anyone who has crossed the Pamir highway have some advice on how long it might take from the Kyrgyz border to Dushanbe (not racing, but enjoying the journey that is)?

Any advice appreciated.


simmo 1 Jun 2005 21:26

Tres Bien Vincent.... a Russia/Stans forum.

Adrian I just got an email from Scott M heading to Vladivostok via Japan soon. I suspect they are finishing the Americas; Let me knpw if you want their email.

cheers alec

Adrian 2 Jun 2005 21:31

Bonjour to you and Vicki. Just read instalment #2 on Kyrgyzstan in Aus bike mag - very nice. Yes please, email address would be helpful.


Goetz 6 Jun 2005 04:17

hi vincent
my wife and I did the pamir loop 2004. No probs concerning the security. The afghans waved across the river. They did NOT shoot at us.
We met the austrian Franz Steindl on Pamir Highway. http://www.steindl-net.at
A friend of Franz going to Mazar I Sharif and back had no problems.

Hi Adrian.
Kyrgystan to Dushanbe. Which route are U asking for?
We took the Garm Valley in 2004. Took us 3 days to get to Dushanbe


ïóòü = öåëü

davidmc 8 Jun 2005 20:48

I would like to ask some further questions on the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan. We will be entering Turkmenistan in early August and exiting via the Tougart Pass in late October.

Trying to find out the conditions on the Pamir Highway in September, don't want to do the snow & ice in late October like Seanh. When does the road typically get snow and ice, will mid to late September be ok?

Also, any comments on the condition of the road, typical travel speeds and fuel availability? We will be travelling two-up on a Honda Transalp with 90/10 (mostly road) type tires.


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