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Bill Shockley 20 Feb 2007 06:57

Shipping the MC from Seattle to Korea for $600
Seattle to Mongolia-fly the bike for $600??

Here is the information I posted in another thread. I thought I would start a new thread dedicated to this process in the hope that it benefits all of us.

I don't believe it either but it is Korean airlines. You fly to Seoul and ferry to Vladivostok or you can fly direct to Vlad for a little more. Customs coming into Russia are said to be much easier outside the airport in Vlad.

There are a couple of tricks, you have to fly the bike as non hazardous goods which means no gas was EVER in your tank. You sign an affidavit to that effect and I will sign one. The tank will be removed from my bike and the battery too I think. Bike must be strapped to a pallet and wrapped in plastic. it must be delivered to the shipper. Transaction is from business. Can be any business in the USA but they get the bill.
I am working on a bike shop in Korea right now.

Price is based on weight.
My machine is 480 lbs approx, 220kg.
Shipping is through:
Expeditor Global
1015 3rd Ave
Seattle, WA
Tel no. 206 674 3400
Ask for Ian or Danielle-Air export

Hazmatt Express
Mike Revis
888 884 8008
You need a IATA special provision statement-A 70 to go as non hazardous goods. Mike is the man.

For Korea:
He is in Seoul, Korea and is the Export manager.

Like you I an skeptical. I have called them twice and been reassured it is no big deal.
Edited message
So far it looks like I may need a carnet in Korea since I am being told I need to pay heavy import taxes based on the value of the mc.
I have a new shipping rate for Japan of $1.80/kg to airport near Tokyo. I would need a carnet for Japan.

MotoEdde 1 Apr 2007 17:19

So how went the shipment?

Bill Shockley 3 Apr 2007 11:52

Moto eddie,
Decided to ship the mc to Vlad direct if I can afford it. I have a ticket for myself to Vad via Korea on June 2, 07. I could claim also the bike in Korea and make my way from there if Vladivostok becomes impossible.
The direct shipment of the mc could cost just under $2000usd. Korea may be half that but the ferry is not so cheap and to get from the airport to the ferry you have to drive across the country so there is that expense plus a carnet would most likely be needed. Korean customs is another black hole.

I found a couple of crating services very near the Seattle airport so it will be possible to drive into the city and prepare the bike for shipment. The guesstimate for crating is about $200usd. Basically the machine will be strapped to a pallet, wrapped in plastic and delivered to the shipper.

My gas tank is the biggest hassle as it technically should have never contained fuel. Draining it is apparently not enough. I am working on that one.
The whole deal is a lot of guesswork but somehow it will work out.
I am making slow progress. No one has said it can't be done.

Shustrik has said he will put me up in Vlad and helped me find a business to ship to there. That was a requirement of the US shipper. The bike has to go business to business. My friend Tommy Ryser in Blaine, Washington is helping on this end.
Shustrik says Russian customs shouldn't be too bad.
I will post more as I know it.
Anyone with ideas or connections in the Seattle area, please don't be shy.

Grant Johnson 3 Apr 2007 22:02

Bill, Please don't forget to post the result in the Shipping database - Tripplan / Transport on the left!

Thanks, and GOOD LUCK! :)

Bill Shockley 4 Apr 2007 08:51

No problem Grant, so far this is work in progress.

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