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arunp 11 Apr 2008 17:00

Shipping to Busan/Pusan S. Korea-Need help
as part of my drive around the world, I am shipping my car from Los Angeles to S. Korea Pusan/Busan.
does anyone know a good resonable priced person who can help me to do the paperwork for car at the port?
Also in Zarubino, Russia please.


MotoEdde 11 Apr 2008 17:06

Your answer is here...


farqhuar 12 Apr 2008 01:35

Arun, my bike departs from Melbourne to Busan next week. I intend to join it in 5-6 weeks. What sort of assistance are you thinking you will need with paperwork in Busan?

This is my 6th international shipping and I've always done all the paperwork myself and have never found it to be a big deal. It just involves traipsing from one office to another getting stamps on pieces of paper and really isn't a big deal. The person who provides the first stamp will always tell you who to go to next.

I'll post up here and let you know how it went when I complete the formalities in Busan.

Garry from Oz.

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