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radek 29 Jan 2008 11:33

Russia to Georgia?
Hi fellow travelers.
I'm planning a trip to Iran for this April and was hoping to go via Caucasus.
i have heard that the border from Georgia to Russia at Adler/Gagra is closed.
Has anybody crossed the G/R border by car/bike in last 12 months?
Thank you for any info.

Chris of Japan 29 Jan 2008 12:37

I was just looking for information on the same subject the other day, even though I have no plan to go any time soon.
I think the Russia-Georgia and Russia-Azerbaijan border is closed, but you can take a ferry to Georgia from Ukraine.

pietro.spera 30 Jan 2008 07:35

The road border in the area are not at all recommendable, even if they are open for foreigners (which I doubt).
I think there is a ferry Sochi (RUS) - Batumi (Georgia) or Sochi - Trabzon (Turkey). Check in this website and you can find a lot of info on the issue.

Rebaseonu 30 Jan 2008 17:47

Even before you reach the border itself (Russia-Georgia), there are areas where you need to have permission. These are sensitive areas because of ongoing military and ethnic confict in the region and I doubt you'll receive permission to be there. Russians are not interested that foreingers sneak around there.

radek 2 Feb 2008 12:00

Thank you for your info. I have spent several days researching and found the following.
Russia/Georgia border definitely closed. Northern part of Georgia Abkhazia seems to be pretty unstable and parentally out of control from Georgian government.
Another closed borders Arm/Azerb and Arm/Turkey.
The only way of getting to Georgia and continuing to Armenia and Iran is either via Turkey to Georgia, or by Ferry from Ukraine by above mentioned Ukrferry (costing about $800 for 2 person and Land Rover, departing on Tuesdays only (could be delayed by up to 3 days) from Ilyichevsk by Odessa to Poti.
We're off on 23.3. from Brno, Czech Republic if anyone wants to join :)

motobelka 3 Feb 2008 21:04


Originally Posted by radek (Post 171476)
Hi fellow travelers.

i have heard that the border from Georgia to Russia at Adler/Gagra is closed.
Has anybody crossed the G/R border by car/bike in last 12 months?


done the way in september Msk-Volgograd-Mahachkala-Baku-Tbilisi-Sinope-Istanbul-Sevastopol(by commercial vessel not a ferry)-Msk on a KTM and Husky. no problem at all
russia-Georgia in detail: Abhazian rout is closed forever maybe - it' a military conflict between countries (Abhazia is NOT a part of Georgia). it possible to cross the border there in the mountains but totally illigal from other sides (abhasian and georgian i mean) and dangerous even for russians.
it's possible to go by ukrferry and totally safe but VERY long and boring. and remember you have to book place on a ferry no less than in a month.
the way for real motorcyclists is via russia of course:innocent:
formally there r two possibilities. first one is from Nothern Osetia(RUS) to Southrn Osetia (GEO) thru Upper Lars pass. officially it exists. in fact tanks are there and absolutely no-mans-land at georgia's osetian part.
so the only way is thru Dagestan to Azirbaidjan. Did you travel South America or deep Africa? if so it will help you to make easy way - the manners of people are very similar. avoid military area (Chechnya) look for hotel before dusk and you'll be ok.
if you deside to go this way i can give you more hints.
and remember - ferry is for pensioneers:mchappy:

motobelka 3 Feb 2008 21:28


Originally Posted by pietro.spera (Post 171630)
I think there is a ferry Sochi (RUS) - Batumi (Georgia) or Sochi - Trabzon (Turkey). .

Sochi-- batumi does not exist
Sochi-Trabzon goes three times a week
Odessa(Il'ichevsk)-Batumi is weekly approx. but usually overbooked - must buy tikets four or five weeks before.
about permissions: ask russian foreign department at Mahachkala (Dagestan) konsul@datacom.ru, bekmurzaev@datacom.ru and you'll have clear vision of problem.
here is the address
Ìàõà÷êàëà (Mahachkala)
(Ðåñïóáëèêà Äàãåñòàí) (Dagestan republic)

367025, ïð-ò Øàìèëÿ (Shamil' ave), 44-à
òåë. (tel): +7(8722) 64-64-21, 64-64-48
ôàêñ(fax): +7 (8722) 64-43-25, 64-64-57
E-mail: konsul@datacom.ru, bekmurzaev@datacom.ru

Ïðåäñòàâèòåëü (Representative)
ÁÅÊÌÓÐÇÀÅÂ Áåêìóðçà Àáäóëõàêèìîâè÷
(Bekmurzaev Bekmurza Abdulhakimovich)

bekmurzaev is family name
bekmurza abdulhakimovich is first+middle name
write a letter starting whith Dear mister Bekmurzaev. in the body of the letter use first+middle names. ask for help. say you have a round-the-world charity projekt or something. if you need invitations i can help.

asilindean 13 May 2012 20:09

Crossing from Georgia to Russia via Kazbegi/Vladikavkaz border point May 2012:
Went Friday 11 May 2012 up from Tbilisi to Kazbegi via Georgian Military Highway. The road is very nice, except for the crossing over the pass, where you have 14 km of really bad road. The rest is brand new and fun to ride.
Went up to the border point,parked the bike and asked the guy from custom if I can cross as a non russian/georgian/CIS citizen the border. The answer was YES YOU CAN!
I asked then again, and mentioned that last year the border was closed for foreigners. They said yes, it was closed but now it's open, it is ok to cross to Russia. If you have a russian visa, of course.
I did not crossed because I wanted to go to Azerbaijan and from there to Turmenistan on the way to Mongolia and Siberia.

Mehmet Zeki Avar 2 Jun 2012 19:13

good news....
UK.friends has just done it..Great people in Russia also..

"""DazzerandLeigh Mitchell"""
10 minutes ago ·
Wow ..were now In Russia.
We crossed over the Georgian Military Highway into Russia yesterday. the crossing was very good, It took us a hour and a half.

we stopped in a town called Baksan to change some money. soon a crowed gathered around us looking at the bikes. one chap got on his phone and called his secretary down out of the office . he then offers to take us back to his house to meet all his family and to stay the night. off we go on a mad ride through the city. all his family are there to meet us. they feed us we all have a vodka party we spend the night stay in the spare room . they then make us breakfast and and more of the family show up to have their photos taken . they then show us how to get to the correct road to Volgograd. It sounds mad but true. The Russians are so kind, erery time we stop people are giving us fruit or drinks. So Maggie and Ronnie were wrong what they said about the Russians......"""""""""""""

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