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Prisoner62113 11 Jul 2012 06:19

Running out of money
I very foolishly left home without that much hard cash. I assumed that I would be able to find ATMs everywhere except Iran.

Now I am in Iran and going to leave to Turkmenistan in about a week. I can cover my expenses in that time but I still need to pay for the Turkmenistan visa and border fees. By the time I get to Turkmenistan I am going to have very little money left.

Does anybody know of a working ATM in Mary (I am probably not going to go to Ashgabat)? Otherwise I have been looking at Western Union to get 1 or 2 thousand dollars at Senagat Bank in Mary. Is this possible and will it cause any problems when I try to leave the country?

SeanF 12 Jul 2012 17:50

I was able to get a cash advance on a visa-branded credit card in the main bank in Ashgabat, so I would imagine that any bank in the country could do the same for you. Just keep your receipt from the bank. I used a teller/live person and not an ATM. It was all very professional.

FWIW when I exited Turkmenistan, the customs people didn't ask/frisk me about money.

It's a tiny country. I'd recommend going through Ashgabat if only to see the spectacle of the "new city" (assuming you haven't already been...and it's on your established route that is declared when you enter the country.)

Good luck

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