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Knight of the Holy Graal 4 Oct 2010 08:17

Road Aktau (KAZ.) to Turkmenbashi (TM)
Hello everybody.

Tried to search on the HUBB but I found no previous replies to the following enquiry.

I was taking a look to the map of the Stans finding an alternative route for my return to Italy after visiting Turkmenistan, during my 2011 trip to Samarkand (if there'll be the conditions for this trip, of course).

Does anybody know if this route Bing Maps==

from Aktau KZ to Turkmenbashi TM really exists, if there's some gas stations over there and what are its conditions (tarmac, light gravel...)?
Do you also know if the border crossing is open to international riders or if it's only for locals?

Thanks to whoever may give me some news (good news, hopefully :innocent:).

Nick from north Italy

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