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seouljoe 12 Mar 2011 10:17

Riding with Galaxy S Smart Phone
Sam Sung Galaxy S ,, will take local USIM cards. One can turn on the GPS + Navi and get turn by turn voice directions. Yes I will use the way points to look for the sites. Meanwhile, imagine this smart phone,,, use it in the USA, all of Europe and Russia. All I have to do is either punch in or speak the voice command, where I want to go, on the Google Map. I can use blue tooth headset or use it as MP3 and connect to my audio speakers and even while the music is playing,, you can hear .."Turn right after 3oo meters to Red Square,,, or Kennedy Strasser,,," Of course you can call loved ones as a phone.

using galaxy s as navi in Europe - Google 검색

GALAXY S in russia - Google 검색

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