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Bill Shockley 14 Mar 2007 12:42

Needed-An English speaker who can help with customs in Vladivostok
Vladivostok and Russian customs are a big mystery. No contacts exist that I can find.
I am in the USA organizing a flight for the mc and me from Seattle to Vlad about June 1, 2007.
Customs would be airport related customs.
Who can help?

petefromberkeley 14 Mar 2007 17:57

Did you try the HU Community?

hook 14 Mar 2007 18:52

Great news- you're half way there: I speak english, but can't help with customs in Vlad. I'm only posting here because Vlad is my plan B if China falls through- I expect it will. Are you heading to Japan from Vlad? I'll be keeping an eye on this (useful) thread. Good luck Bill- hope to see you in WI! Go pack go... H.

4wheels 14 Mar 2007 20:54

Freight Forwarder in Vladivostock
Silver Wind Corporation, Vladivostok, Tel: +7 4232 40-07-79, +7 4232 40-21-79, +7 4232 40-04-23, Fax: +7 4232 26-80-73, e-mail: swind@online.marine.su

Many years ago (1994-1998) when I was the Financial Controller of Vostochny International Container Services, we dealt with the above company in Vladivostock. They should have english speaking people. Call them, go to their offices and discuss the situation. I assume you are now in Vladivostock? Its not clear from your post.


bartman10 15 Mar 2007 02:01

Try these guys. Vostochny Port of Russia - companies

Apparently you need to get in touch with a Mr. Lee, but maybe not?!

Maybe you'll have better luck than me with translogistics who have gone silent on me. If you do try trans logistics, try to get hold of Oksana, she speaks English.

I tried finding the Silver Wind outfit a while ago, but had no luck.

At the moment I'm working on going through Korea, as you can tell from my Carnet previous post.

I was about to have a breakdown yesterday, but now I've decided to let it run it's natural course. I'm going to get the bike into Korea and take the ferry. If I need an ATA carnet or it costs $10,000 in bond then so be it.

We'll see you out there soon.


ScottM 15 Mar 2007 03:36

there is a big community of bikers in Vlad
Email Shustrik dvoalex@mail.ru He helped us when we arrived in Vlad with two bikes. Insurance, release from customs and so on.
If he cant his friends can, or you can hang around the ferry terminal and visit the small gate house on the dock right below the ship. This is where your bikes are released from.
Someone there will speak English and be only to happy to handle your entry for a fee. I would not probably pay more than $100 US. For this they will do all the running around with you and presto, you will be on your way.
Email Shustrik, he was so much help and introduced us to a whole network of bikers right across Russia.
Have a ball you lucky dog, Id do it all again tomorrow.
We didnt pay a dime in for our help, but just see if Shustrik can handle you.
Good luck

Bill Shockley 15 Mar 2007 12:12

Hey everyone,
Thanks for the help so far.
I will get on the email and Go Packers.
I updated my first post with more info on travel plans. I am in the USA headed west inJune to Seattle and Vladivostok.

petefromberkeley 16 Mar 2007 00:10

You can find Shustrik right here on Horizons Unlimited by using the search function or by contacting the Vlad. community.

And he and his friends rock! You can also find Sinus (who I think every rider in all of Russia knows) through his web site at Îôèöèàëüíûé ñàéò Ñèíóñà "Áåñïå÷íûé åçäîê" He speaks less english, but he can set you up with someone who can help. Say hi to those guys, Grandy and the rest of the gang there for me!

Bill Shockley 16 Mar 2007 11:53

I tried searching this site for Shustrik or a link to the Vlad community but I found nothing. Can someone direct me. I emailed Shustrik. Hopefully he responds. In the Russian communities nothing for Vlad.

Shustrik 19 Mar 2007 13:03

Thanks for goods words, guys :-)
I'm online, my email is workin'

I'm not often look at the HUBB, but check email everyday :-)

Bill Shockley 20 Mar 2007 09:27

Trying to make contact, no luck so far
Trying to contact Shustrik, so far no luck. I need a good email address if the above is incorrect.
Shustrik, please email me.

Shustrik 21 Mar 2007 02:14

Bill, my email is dvoalex@mail.ru
also I use Skype (you can find me by this email) and ICQ: 48042015

Bill Shockley 21 Mar 2007 07:49

I need help with the keyboard
Damned if I know how to underline an address like Shustrik's and the site won't let me copy it.
Can someone help me or send my email address to Shustrik. It is bmwstbill@yahoo.com
or Shustrik, please email me. Sorry, I don't understand Skype.

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