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edteamslr 9 Jun 2011 08:21

Kyrgyz and Kazahk visa DUNSHANBE, TAJIK
Hi - I know there are both Kyrgyz and Kazahk consultates in Dunshanbe but I was wondering if anyone had any experience of getting tourist visas there recently.

I'm in Tashkent at the moment and my Uzbek visa is about to expire. I managed to get my Tajikistan visa here in one day (UK national, $90 for visa, $40 for GBAO permit for the pamirs). Dropped passport in at 10am, came back at 4pm and picked it up. Don't join the massive queue in front of the embassy - go a couple of windows down the street and a pretty lady will sort the visa out for you in here airconditioned office. Easy.

The Kyrgyz consultate wasted my time and don't do a same day visa after all. The Kazahk embassy do a 2-day visa but they're closed tomorrow (just tomorrow for some reason. They're usually open on Fridays I gather). So, I've gotta hit the road and get the visas in Tajikistan now. Which is annoying.

Any uptodate info on this one is much appreciated!

colebatch 19 Jun 2011 00:19

you made the right call mate ... I tried to get an express Kyrgyz visa in Tashkent and it cost 150 bux and still took 3 days. Hope it works out in Dushanbe.

edteamslr 20 Jun 2011 16:35

Dude, I'm in Bishkek now. Just submitted my Kazhak single entry tourist visa ($30) by 12pm this morning. Gonna get it back tomorrow 6.30pm, if we play our cards right!

Kyrgiz in Dushanbe is EASY. The best. The quickest. But not cheap $100. We arrived at 9.30 and had the visa by 11.30 including walking down to the bank and working out how to pay the money in.

Kazahk visa in Dushanbe is ok but takes 4 working days (not including shut-days and public holidays). And no-one speaks english at the Embassy when I went (which is ok as I can get by in Rus). Get it in Tashkent would be my advice now. 2days and $30.

colebatch 20 Jun 2011 23:06


Originally Posted by edteamslr (Post 339777)
Get it in Tashkent would be my advice now. 2days and $30.

Or if you really want to be radical ... get it in South Kensington before you go :)

And what are you doing in Bishkek so quickly? You must have flown thru Tajikistan.

edteamslr 21 Jun 2011 14:24

Yes, we did rather. Hit the Pamir highway and kept on going. On the way towards Kyrgiz border we hit snow in the high passes and then it rained most of the way to Osh and then it threatened to rain on the way to Bishkek and was pretty cold. I'm enjoying it but feeling the time pressure of getting the trip to mongolia/siberia/BAM etc. done by September.

Drewsome 5 Mar 2012 14:02

obtaining visa's for this area
Hey guys,

Seems like your all well versed in the 'Stans!... so maybe someone can quickly set me straight on a few things.

I'm an Australian planning to ride the route -> Pakistan -> China -> Kyrgyzstan -> Uzbekistan -> Turkmenistan -> Iran.

I've just hooked up with a Chinese tour operator who will get me from Pakistan to Kyrgyzstan, were talking dates, and am now trying to work out where to get the Kyrgyzstan visa (and the others) from.

There's no consulate for these places in Australia, so I'm guessing that the visa's can be obtained from the neighbouring countries as I go? I'll also be in Delhi before this section, so am guessing the relevant Embassies there could help. This would be the preferred method if doable.. I know it's another issue to get the Iran visa, and I think ill be ok with that one.

Any tips or inklings would be appreciated!

Thanks all!

Adelaide, SA

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