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DavidZweig 26 Mar 2012 00:32

Istanbul to Ulan-Bator with Support Vehicle
We’re organizing a trip, Istanbul to Ulan-Bator, Mongolia, this summer. We’re driving a big Russian 6x6 truck (a ZIL-131), and could potentially carry equipment (up to 6 tons..) and provide support to motorcyclists (a place to sleep, food, help with visas, internet access, route planning etc.). If it sounds interesting, take a look at our site (soviettruck.com) for the route and other info.

We could also help fix you up with something like a Jawa 350 at the beginning of the trip. $500 gets a good’un.

DavidZweig 26 Mar 2012 22:50

Take a look at this thread for more info:


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