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Simon TDM 27 Aug 2007 11:01

Invitation letter for Kazakstan

I am in Tashkent at this time on the way to Cambodgia and the next country I plan to cross over is Kazakhstan. But I tackle some problems to get the visa.
As I went to the Kazakhstan embassy this morning, I have learned I need an invitation letter from a Kazak citizen to get my touristic visa.
Thus, do anybody knows a good way to get this letter ? Do you have any contacts in Almaty or whereever else in Kazahkstan who will accept to write a letter down for me ? please help me

Thanks in advance


Chris of Japan 27 Aug 2007 13:11

I thought that EU citizens don't need a letter of invitation any more.
If you do need one, a popular place for Central American visa support is Stantours.
Many other agencies exist that will give you an invitation.
Search the web for Kazakhstan visa support

MotoEdde 29 Aug 2007 01:42

You don't need an LOI...the Kazakh embassy in Tashkent is very difficult to deal with...go to Bishkek and you'll have it within 2 days...if you do it in Istanbul, you'll have it same day...
I obtained at both embassies in April and May 2007.

Also you could point the Tashkent consulate to the URL below and remind them that you don't need an LOI.


gozell 29 Aug 2007 08:47

Got my Kazak visa in Tashkent, there was a friendly chat with the consul about the loi but that was handled by a german guy i meet there who spoke russian.

Despite what the loi rule mentions, the consul reckons its a 'maybe', not a 'right'. Present yourself professionaly, tell them you have a booked hotel confirmation via email bla bla bla and you should be fine.

Otherwise, Bishkek.

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