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triumphMan 15 May 2008 23:35

Good advice & help to plan trip to Mongolia
What is needed is Good advise & help to plan a trip to Mongolia.. from someone who has been there done it! on a motorbike not the armchair
!!....ie. for the required carnets Visas what countrys need what and invertations into russia mongolia, what route to take, ones to avoid and such like.....how to go about them etc. .please dont tell me to search through hours of threads which i have.. so it is not as though i want a travel agent just good advise.......thankyou in advance. Mark

Skorpion660 18 May 2008 13:30

Hey Mark,
I take it this is your first look at a trip of this sort? It can all seem a bit daunting but the power of the web is a marvelous thing once you get the hang of what to type into Google. I am currently in the process of getting everything ready to ride to Mongolia, leaving the UK on the 19th July 2008 and have spent nearly 18 months reading up and trying to source information. I am quite happy to answer your questions but you will find it more fun and satisfying if you do the research yourself.

Carnet - not necessary for any of the countries you are going to travel through, unless you go via Iran.

Visas and LOI's - You need an LOI and visa for Russia, available from Visits to Russia.com. Kazakhstan - no LOI if you only enter once but you will need one if you need a double entry, you can get them from Stantours. Uzbekistan - LOI needed to get your visa again available from Stantours. And finally Kyrgyzstan needs no LOI to get your visa. I do not know about Iran or Turkmenistan as I'm not going there.
You can do all your own visas by dealing direct with the embassies or if you are lazy like me you can use someone like Travcour to process them for you, at a cost of course.

The best source of maps is Stanfords and you want to go for the Reise range, they are waterproof and tear resistant.

More information can be gleaned from Charity Rallies | The greatest charity rally adventures in the world
<font color=#525252>The Red Heroes' Mongolian Rally Forum - Visit our Website - <a href='http://mongolianrally.co.uk'> www.mongolianrally.co.uk</a> - Index
And of course here on the HUBB, but the previous two are charity forums concentrating solely on getting to Mongolia.

Anyway, I hope this is of help to you and anyone else looking to travel to the Stans.


sverrirt 19 May 2008 15:44

Mongolia !
Hallo Mark, Congratulation with your upcoming trip. Mongolia is one of the great countries to ride through and experience its great landscape and culture. I rode around the world last summer and went into Mongolia. I crossed the border on the western part and rode the the "southern" route.

beba 20 May 2008 06:58

If you go across border from Russia with motorbike (Tasanta or Kjahta), you need only motorcycle document, green card and your passport. You must pay inssurance.
If you send motorbike in box, you need Carnet and AX/A custom document.

I was in Mongolia last year and I will go after two weeks again.

Mongolsko clanek EN

triumphMan 21 May 2008 09:45

Thanks For info
Thanks guys for all the input Chased up some of the sites and everything looks more promising. Cheers:thumbup1:

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