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LimaOne 6 Jun 2012 12:53

Georgia to Russia border crossing at Kazbegi
Belle Sinclair (Belle) & Nadine Holfter (Nadsicles), The Gobi Gals on their way to Mongolia riding scooters, yesterday crossed from Georgia into Russia in the Kazbegi region. They used the E117 road from Stepantsminda in Georgia through the border crossing onto the A 301 road to Vladikavkaz in Russia.
They would like other HUBB members to be aware that the border is open to Non-Georgian & CIS citizens but closes daily at 2200 hours. If you use this crossing be sure to buy vehicle insurance before leaving the border – they don’t tell you this at the border and they were waved through before they could find out where to buy the required cover.
After the border the next nearest place is Vladikavkaz but the office there is hard to find.
Also, they warn to be aware of the road leading up to the border on the Georgian side – it is very rough with several totally unlit & very dark tunnels with equally poor road surfaces in the tunnels. They found it to be very dangerous on their little scooters…

Adey and Chris Biking2oz 28 Jun 2012 21:11

We have just crossed this border today. No problems but took about 2-3hours. Can see how the road to the border was a problem on scooters. We asked numerous people at this border about motorcycle insurance but seems you can not get it at this border. We were told we could buy it in the 2nd village called Chmi from a red building on the right. However signs were in cyrillic and it was later in the day so probably closed and we never saw it. We are staying in Vladikavkaz tonight. Can you gives us any clues were you can get insurance here? Even if we don't get the info in time it may help others. Thanks.
Adey & Chris

Livotlout 29 Jun 2012 12:54

Adey & Chris,

Maybe too late, but see my thread - http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/hub...-ossetia-64462


PNSFExpedition 13 Sep 2012 22:48

Border crossing Russia to Georgia at Verkhiny Lars to Kazbegi
I have just posted this elsewhere, but can't work out how just put in the link!

Hello, we have just arrived in Tbilisi having done the following route:

Kerch ferry (Ukraine) to Port Kavkaz (Russia).
Night in Krasnodar.
Krasnodar to Nal'chik.
Night in Nal'chik.
Nal'chik to Verkhiny Lars.
Crossed from Russia into Georgia at Verkhiny Lars.
Night in Juta, just beyond Kazbegi (also known as Stepantsminda).

No problems in crossing the Russia - Gerogia border.

United Arab Emirates registered car. We are both German passport holders.

Full trip report from Kerch (Ukraine) to (Georgia) is written up on the website here:

Special report! Ukraine, Russia and Georgia via Port Kerch, the Vladikavkaz / Verkhiny Lars and Kazbegi / Stepantsminda border | Plastic Not So Fantastic

It is too long for a forum section!! Overall we felt pretty much OK going through the area, but we didn't stray from the main road. There is a heavy police presence. We spoke with an English lady who works there who said North Ossetia and Chechnya is fine, Dagestan isn't.

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