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Lisa Thomas 23 Apr 2009 22:58

Ferry from Japan to South Korea to Russia
Can anyone translate or does anyone know?
The ferry services I want to use for getting me and my bike across from Japan to south Korea and then S. Korea to Russia are all in Japanese and Korean. I have managed to email one company but to date no response.

I am just trying to find out approx. how much it will cost to transport me and my 'bike from South Korea to Russia with the following company -Dong Chun Ferries- does anyone know if this company is still running as an article in April 08 said it was stopping its services into the port of Zarubino.....

I know that there is a company direct from Japan to Russia with the costs approx $500 per person with $173 per bike. Im just interested if taking the two ferries is a better bet...and Id rather enter via Zarubino and not Vlad.

there may be something on the site about this but the HU search is down.

any help would be great.

Kennichi 24 Apr 2009 00:20

You can circumvent the HUBB search by using google search BTW...

Anyway there is another option

Wakkanai has a ferry which goes to Sahkalin and there is a ferry from Sahkalin to Vanino and also Vladivostok. I considered this option myself.


Dong Chun ferry is alleged to be $200 for bike + $200 for bike. Wendy Choi says it is still running so its still running! , Alan Kelly went on this ferry July 2008 so it is still there.

Kennichi 24 Apr 2009 00:25

Just found the link I was looking at a few months ago

Transportation - Sea - International Ferries 88000Yen for a

Lisa Thomas 24 Apr 2009 00:52

great information
Hey - this is a great link - thanks Kennichi

will use this for even more research! still trying to get a translation though for some of these sites :(

Chris of Japan 24 Apr 2009 01:51

From Japanese websites

Kanpu Ferry
Shimonoseki to Busan
9,000 yen per person 2nd class one-way
Motorcycle 48,000 yen (price for round trip only shown as Japanese are required to book round trip to bring their bike back to Japan)

Camelia Line
Hakata to Busan
9,000 per person 2nd class one-way
Motorcycle cost not listed on website (but probably about the same at Kanpu Ferry)

Note that these ferries usually only carry vehicles registered in Japan and Korea (neither has a land border with a friendly country) and it may take more time for procedures with vehicles registered in other countries. I asked Kanpu Ferry a few years ago about vehicles from other countries, and they said it was OK, but will require more paperwork. So, I would advise that you don't just show up at the port an hour before departure and expect to get on the ferry right away.

Lisa Thomas 24 Apr 2009 18:11

more information on ferries ...
just got this reply back from Camellia Line.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your inquiring.
Unfortunately; however, we cannot book one way trip with motorcycle. (Round trip will be OK)

The passenger fare is 9.000yen for one way.
If you make a round trip with motorcycle (for 250cc and above), the cost is 50.000yen. (The passenger fare is included)

Any more question, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you very much,
Camellia Line Co., Ltd.
HakataPort International Terminal 3F
14-11, Okihama-cho, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka,
812-0031, JAPAN
Tel +81(0)92 262 2323/ Fax +81(0)92 262 2332
Office Hour 9am-5pm(Sat.Sun.Holiday 9am-1pm)

thanks for all you help on this.....it looks like we may end up going straight to Russia from Japan - mainly due to cost...

Chris of Japan 21 Jul 2009 04:24

One-way ferry to Korea
It looks like a one-way ticket is possible, though a bit of work, if you use the Kampu ferry from Shimonoseki.

I see from your website you are already in Japan, though, and may have plans already.
If you need any help in the Nagano prefecture area, drop me a line.

Lisa Thomas 21 Jul 2009 09:05

Fushiki to Vlad ferry
Hi Chris
thanks for the offer.
we are currently dog and house sitting for friends of friends down in the Miura Peninsula.

We have booked our ferry for Vladivostok leaving on July 31st.
We have paid a total of 122,00 yen. ( almost 1300 USD!! :eek3:) this is for us sharing a basic 4 person cabin - hopefully it wont be busy so we wont have to share- plus two motorbikes and food. we were told that when we go to get our tickets we would have to pay another 10,000 yen per bike...100 usd each! But they couldn't tell us what this 'fee' would be for. Something to do with loading etc. However, friends of our just recently did this trip and paid no such fee. :confused1: so we will 'determine' if this is necesary when we get there!

yep - its not cheap....

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