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MotoEdde 13 Jun 2007 07:41

Entering Mongolia with Moto
I got back from the Mongolian Embassy/Consulate in Almaty and they mentioned that I needed to have my moto cross the border on a truck. I technically couldn't exit Russia and enter Mongolia via the far Western border by riding the bike across the border. Once the moto crosses the border, I can ride the bike in Mongolia.

Has anyone experienced this issue? Any thoughts?


Lazer Kid 13 Jun 2007 19:58

Same story
The man at the embassy told me the same.....i had no problems crossing the border....i don't know anyone that has!!

May 31, 2006

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petefromberkeley 13 Jun 2007 20:54

That's right. Regardless of what the embassy guy says, you will end up just riding in.

martheijnens 13 Jun 2007 22:37

By bike to Mongolia
In 2004 I traveled by motorbike from Ulan Ude in Russia over Kahta to Ulan Bataar in Mongolia. No problem. I bought the Mongolian visa in Irkutsk. Nobody said anything about the bike. There is (or was?) a horizonsunlimited community in Ulaan Bataar too.

petefromberkeley 14 Jun 2007 00:04

I think that whole community consisted of one guy. Scott was very nice and helpful. He worked for the foreign service and has since been transfered.

He is still probably a great source of information if he is still acting as the UB community.

scottw 14 Jun 2007 02:19

A Community of One
Hi Pete, nice to hear from you!

Yes, I am still the entire Ulaanbaatar Community for Horizons Unlimited. I set up the community with Grant's help a couple of years ago but no one else ever joined. I try not to take it personally...

I left UB for good last July but I was there for four years and know the city and Mongolia pretty well. I visited every province in the country traveling overland, most multiple times, and I speak Mongolian. I am sure my knowledge will eventually become obsolete as Mongolia changes, but until then I'm happy to help out whenever possible.

MotoEdde, as you have seen from the previous posts, it seems no one has ever had a problem at the border. And even if for some reason they demanded that you put the bike on a truck, I'm sure you could arrange that very easilly and cheaply. A friendly trucker might even do it for free. Try to find a Mongolian as they will go out of their way to help a traveller.

But I don't think you will need to do it. Let us know how it works out for future reference.


Chris of Japan 14 Jun 2007 06:39

I think the embassy guy has been out of the country too long!
This used to be the case up to about 2002(?). Friends who entered Mongolia before I went (2003) had to put their bikes on the train or a truck. So, you are OK unless they changed the rule back.

Gursed 15 Jun 2007 10:39

Hi, they are telling you rubbish. You just ride over the border.
When you are in UB please contact me. I have a safe place for your bike. My phone is 99762614. I also like to talk to you about the road conditions in Mongolia.....
You met Mario?

MotoEdde 3 Jul 2007 04:12

Thank you guys for the feedback...

Crossed the border..no issues...they have a brand new spanking border station.
Be wary of their hours...they lunch from 1-3 I believe and there is no shade for you to hide.
Once you get your passport stamped, you exit their facilities and enter Mongolia.
Some guy will approach you to sell insurance...so bring some rubles for this and to pay the road tax...another guy...don't count on any 93 octane until the big aimags like Olgi, Khovd, etc...its readily available there...

The main routes and associated tracks are heavily rutted...blew out two rear shocks and watched two guys on new GS Adventurers truck their bikes as they blew out a front shock and the other guy was fed up.

Mongolia travel is rough but worth every bead of sweat!

Gursed 5 Jul 2007 06:44

thanks for the information. When will you be in UB and you met some 4x4 convoy?

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