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Lars 13 Jul 2005 10:43

Entering Japan via Vanino (Russia) and Sakhalin
Hi there,

just heard that it could be possible to enter Japan (Hokkaido) by taking a ferry from Vanino (Russia) to Sakhalin and from there to Hokkaido.

Did anybody do that? Is it possible for foreigners? I guess there could be problems, because Japan and Russia are argueing about the Sakhalin islands, aren't they?

Further, when entering Russia, I wrote "Vladivostok" on my migration card. Could that lead to problems at the border post on Sakhalin?



Chris of Japan 13 Jul 2005 11:05

There is a ferry from Korsakav on Sakhalin island to Wakkanai on Hokkaido island.
I know foreigners have gone to Russia from Japan on that ferry. I do not know anyone who has come R to J. But I think it is possible
Ferry is run by Higashi Nihonkai Ferry (Japanese company)
http://www.kaiferry.co.jp/saharin/ (website in Japanese only)

See my website for info on coming to Japan.

You may have problems with Japanese customs because you need a special paper to go with your carnet. And the nearest office to get that paper is Sapporo (a day by bus from Wakkanai).
Or you can try without carnet:
This is technically possible, but I don't know anyone who actually did it. You can try!

When will you arrive in Japan? I will be in Wakkanai for a friend's wedding party first week in September.


Lars 15 Jul 2005 13:00

Hi Chris,

thanks a lot for your posting. You've got mail http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/smile.gif

Since my idea was to travel to head to Korea Japan:

Is the information on your website that Ferries from Japan to Korea do not take bikes still up to date?

Regards Lars

GreenLaner 15 Jul 2005 13:25

I'm going through a similiar hassle right now, but in the other direction: I'm trying to get to Sakhalin from Wakkanai.

Obtaining a Russian invitation letter is proving to be a hassle [not to mention a sizeable mountain of paperwork]. I think coming the other way would be just as hard.

By the way Chris: I think I'll see you at the same wedding in Wakkanai in Sept. Would that be Owen per chance, and the gang at Rider House Davidson?


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