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arunp 16 Apr 2008 23:20

Driving your vehicle in Korea
Can a foreigner drive his vehicle in Korea? I am getting mixed information that one can not drive.
what one needs to be able to drive in Korea?
I am getting my car shipped to Pusan (Busan) and need to drive to Skocho for ferry to Russia.
Has anyone drive to this locations? any information will be appriciated. specifically the route map.

Thank you

RogerM 16 Apr 2008 23:57

Its ok for foreigners to drive in Korea, with their own vehicle - BUT I think that German registered vehicles are not permitted because of some errors made when Germany/Korea signed a treaty years ago. Check back through this forum for some more accurate info.

Chris D (Newcastle NSW) 17 Apr 2008 03:17

Driving in Korea
There is no problem with driving your car in Korea, it is driving motor cycles on the freeways that is a problem, you just are not allowed to do it.

The road from Busan to Sokcho is just north up the east coast of the peninsular. There are some spectacular National Parks on your way up and near Sokcho.

arunp 18 Apr 2008 07:04

Thanks guys.
this will help.

gypsyprincess 13 Aug 2011 07:19

Old Thread But...
Should anyone be looking for information regarding this, it turns out that Germans can drive in Korea, the license is not a problem. What you are not allowed is to take your vehicle in and drive that. We wanted to ship our bikes from Korea and we heard so much conflicting information (especially since Patrick had his German registered motorcycle in Korea 6 years ago without any problems except for the highway) that we finally wrote the ADAC and the embassy to figure out what the truth was. (We were in contact with Wendy Choi who said she can not ship our bikes as they are not allowed in Korea).

Both wrote back saying that the problem is the vehicles themselves. If you are lucky you get to go through like Patrick did last time. If you are not you have a customs official who will not let you in. So we have decided against taking that chance. But I hope that helps someone else should they be in teh same situation!

seouljoe 13 Aug 2011 14:14

German Registered Vehicles
I dare say ,, drive it on and take your chance. In case you get lucky. Worst case scenario, if they say no ,, you ship it via BONDED truck to departure port/airport.

gypsyprincess 1 Sep 2011 16:52

Definitely a possibility! And Patrick (onkelkarle on the HUBB) and his travel partner had no idea when they took the ferry 6 years ago they were not allowed to take them in, and they entered Korea with both German motorcycles with no problems (until they tried to ride on the highway). :oops2:

We were also told to do the bonded truck option if caught, but finally opted against it. The whole point would be to ride in Korea, and the ferry and the truck would still mean more money than we are willing to spend only not to be able to ride. But that is for each rider to decide. Like SeoulJoe says, you can still try it, and decide if the worse case scenario of a bonded truck is worth it for you.

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