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TravellingStrom 18 Aug 2012 06:27

Chinese Visas in Ulan Batar
Hi all

At some stage early next month we will be in UB and trying to apply for new Chinese visas for the 2nd leg of out trip.

I have heard an unsubstantiated report that there are NO Chinese visas being issued in Mongolia at this moment and nor for the past two weeks.

I cannot find anything on the net to back this up, so does anyone have real facts about this issue and not guesswork?

I am still going there anyway, as things change all the time, but I am not sure whether to ignore it or not.

Cheers from Almaty

Dazzerrtw 18 Aug 2012 12:39


we were at the Chinese embassy in UB in July and were told that it would take 5 working Days to obtain a vise for UK passport holder if we had all the paperwork required.

Our plans changed to Visit Korea/ Thailand and Cambodia so we did not go ahead with the visa .

If you send a message to Cybil at the Oasis camp in UB she may be able to give you more up to date info

Hope this help's


TravellingStrom 18 Aug 2012 14:26

Thanks for the info, the rumour I heard is NO visas in the past few weeks so I am trying to get current info, but I will try that path thanks


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