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Fantastic Mister Fox 19 Nov 2012 12:24

Central Asian Visa - How early can you apply
Been working through paperwork for my visas for my trip next spring and I have some questions about collecting visa.

Russian Multiple Entry Visa - Russian consulate only process these 45 days before the visa start date. Do i have to enter Russia on the Visa start date or can I just get the visa and enter Russia at any time during the validitiy of the visa?? My visa will last longer than i need it too any way.

Kazah Visa - I'm sure i got told once issued you have 90 days to enter kazakhstan is this true.

I also believe the therms and conditions on Uzbek and Tajik visas are the same (90 days to enter once issued).

I was hoping the visas for the stans I can collect in volgagrad but there are no consulates there It looks like the only place we can collect these on route is ankara/ istanbul. How long will these take to process (i.e how long can we expect to be with out passports for).

I know Kyrgyzstan is visa free now for uk citizens.

Mongolia - 90 days from issue to enter country again I assume I can do this in Almaty, what is the processing time for this?


cyber-zebb 19 Nov 2012 13:31

Russia you can enter and exit at any time during you vis`s validity ,

Kazakhstan i have a distant memory of being told about the 90 day rule, but have never encountered a problem

Uzbekistan you can only apply 3 months before

Tajikistan you can apply any time but make sure its a tourist visa any other and you have to register with the OVIR

The Pamir highway is now fully open after the recent trouble

for help and information with visas try email David Berghof of www.stantours.com tell him zebb from Motoloco sent you


Fantastic Mister Fox 19 Nov 2012 14:28

Thanks Zebb, I was trying to remember your presentation from Ripley, but had a memory blank

cyber-zebb 19 Nov 2012 17:50

Thats OK Mr Fox if i hear anything new i will PM you :scooter:

mark manley 20 Nov 2012 06:53

I am researching the same and found this a useful resource.

Caravanistan - A Silk Road travel guide

craig.iedema 21 Nov 2012 01:07


Originally Posted by mark manley (Post 401052)
I am researching the same and found this a useful resource.

Caravanistan - A Silk Road travel guide

This a great website (new look from a few months ago), it is constantly kept up to date.

imadingo 9 Dec 2012 05:29

Uzbekistan can defiantly be applied for longer than three months in advance (I did it). You just have to know the exact days you wish to enter.

Griffdowg 9 Dec 2012 18:42

yes ditto Caravanistan - I did some heavy reading last night about picking up our Visas in Ankara next year.

A note on the RUS visa. When you apply for your LOI it is still the '45 days' prior so factor that in as I didn't and it took 2 weeks to turn up and we only posted our Visa off yesterday with all the gump. It does take longer to sort than you initially expect. Just the online form took me nearly 3 hours to do 2 visa apps.

Also make sure it is fully correct as its big £££ when you add it all up.


maria41 29 Jan 2014 09:07

Just starting to look at the aplication forms for Uzbek and Tajik visas.
Note that no LoIs are required for us.

Anyone applied recently for those?

Both embassies (in London) ask for address and details of where we will be staying. As we have no idea and nothing booked, should we:

A - leave that part blank/admit we have nothing booked yet?

B - Pick few hotels from a tourist guide?

C - Put forward a request letter (like for the Kazkh application) explaining we will travel by bike with our approx. dates of entry/exit and towns / places we intend to visit (but not contact or hotel booked).

Maybe I am over thinking this, but don't want to risk getting our visa applications refused.

Thanks for suggestions.

cyber-zebb 31 Jan 2014 17:26

Hi Maria
just pick a hotel in Dushanbe then you should be ok


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