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joshsnave 3 Aug 2010 22:56

Buying bikes / vehicles Russia..
Hi - hoping someone can advise me on this matter..
I'm looking to travel Western Russia and Mongolia next summer and had the idea to purchase a vehicle, which may end up being a car, in Moscow and take it from there. I've got citizenship Australia / Europe (not sure if this effects anything) and am hoping that there may only be one carnet complication in Mongolia and that I can purchase and sell this vehicle in Russia with relative ease.

I did a big trip thru cental America 2 years ago and now that I've got the itch again I want to minimise border crossings!


Tony P 4 Aug 2010 00:47

To purchase/register a vehicle in Russia you need an internal passport (identity and address document) or similar residency document.

The simple way round this is to get a 'local' friend to register it in their name and give you written consent to use it. And insure it with you as a named user.

rtwdoug 7 Aug 2010 19:09

there is a way to get a temp document if you buy a bike, I met a guy last year from Poland that bought an Ural.
Problem is, it has to be renewed every 25 days, & sounded like a real pain to arrange.
Getting it in a russians name would be easiest, just make sure you have an official notarized letter of permission.
He cant just write a note on the back of a paper sack :)

Dunno about crossing borders like that tho, that may be a no no.
I was in MGL last year, no carnet was needed.


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