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kw_bike 25 Jul 2008 04:15

Anyone in the stans??

I am will be travelling in central asia for a month from 2 Oct 2008 to 2 Nov 2008 and will be starting my trip in an anticlockwise direction strating from Kyrgyz - kazakh - Uzbeki - Taji - Kyrgyz.

I am hoping to meet some fellow travellers on the way especially I am hoping to find anyone who is going to be travelling on the Pamir Highway in the direction from Taji towards Osh in Kyrgyz during the last week of Oct. Due to some personal issues, I will not be able to ride my bike for this trip and have to do it by public transport. And due to the time restriction of visa, I may not be able to complete the Pamir Highway by public transport.

As such, I am looking for any 4x4 travelers who will be travelling on the Pamir Highway in the direction of Osh within the about mentioned time frame. Hopefully someone is willing to let me hitch along for this part of the journey. I also would not mind if any biker is willing to pillion me but I know that this would be next to impossible.

I am willing to pay for the necessary like petrol etc.

I know it is a very demanding request and I may not get any reply. Nevertheless, I am still posting this in hope that my prayers will be answered.

Have fun travelling.



sq5rk 16 Aug 2008 13:42

im leaving Warsaw 2 of Sept. Going clockwise: Russia, Kazach, Kyryzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazach, Russia, home i hope ;-) I think it will take 6 weeks. Going on transalp, means one bike. Maybe ? have a safe trip - Romek

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