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LittleJoe 18 Apr 2006 23:55

Wisconsin to Washington (state), Canada and Beyond!
Just to make sure everyone who should see this does, theres a detailed route thats open to suggestions here.



RiverRat 12 May 2006 14:42

I'd take US12 from Madison to Baraboo then WI-33 to La Crosse on your first day. Nice roads and you don't want to take interstate....its soooo boring and why would you want to miss out on those real cool roads near Ontario WI. You'd get here so early you'll even have time to stop in at Buzzard Billys for some crawdad tails and blackend catfish and maybe have a Downtown Brown to wash it down with.

LittleJoe 12 May 2006 23:23

thanks for the tip, i've already been offered company from madison to lacrosse, and i belive this is the route he has in mind :)

cheers, Joe

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