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bigdoozer 8 Jul 2009 19:25

United States of A-manchester
Back again, still planning. 25 towns called Manchester in the USA and world and I plan to visit them all starting in Manchester UK (home town), then East to west via alll 23 in three months.BY BIKE
Charity WATER AID to gain by as much as I can get.

Bike in New Hamps for free rental, already had in-road with Triumph. Need contacts for Harley etc: Free on loan.
Starting a PIXEL AUCTION see unitedstatesofamanchester.com (coming soon). Twitter at pennyperlitre, Blog at unitedstatesofamanchester

Contacts in following Manchesters.
1.New Hampshire
5. Missouri
8.Marshall, Alabama
9.Walker, Alabama
13.Dearborn, Indiana
14.Montgomery, Indiana
23.North Carolina
24.Adams, Ohio
25.Summit, Ohio
27.South Dakota
28.Red River, Texas
32.Pando, Bolivia
33.Nickerie, Surinam
34.Ontario, Canada.
35.Manchester Parish, Jamaica

Contact with all mayors offices in each town
Radio and TV Station email addesses.
Places to stay
Things to film and events etc:

Contact pete.johnson 'at' 37 'dot' com

many thanks.

markharf 8 Jul 2009 21:41

From where I sit, you seem to be asking a lot--free bike, contacts, lodging, publicity--but offering....what? Nothing in particular. Maybe work on your approach a bit .

Just a thought.


JMo (& piglet) 8 Jul 2009 21:45

Google is quite good too...


Alexlebrit 9 Jul 2009 11:07

I'd try a search for "sponsorship" on here, people have written stuff before about it.

Not being a cynic, I'll say go for it, but here's a couple of thoughts.

I found your Blogspot page (Google's great isn't it?). How to put this politely? Spelling's not your strongest point. It might be an idea to get someone to check it over before you post there. I know, I know, who wants a spelling and grammar nazi on their case? The thing is, it does still matter to plenty of people, and some of them will get put off (checks for spelling errors in the above). Enthusiasm's great, professionalism's better.

Oh and your Twitter page, you've got the wrong Boorman, although oddly the Boorman you've got is following the real Boorman, strange that.

bigdoozer 9 Jul 2009 12:31

yeh but no but !
Thanks for the replys guys, just had Discovery Channel on the phone..... in principal support already. :D

Spelling...... c'mon guys find something a little more negative. have you ever tried spelling anyfink on a blueberry keypad......new glasses now theres a good bit of advise.:eek3:

USA Embassy London , IN, major m/cycle clothing manufacturer showing interest, 1 bike offer (but still open, really want a larger bike I am 6ft 4 and 20 stone)

Thanks anyway, will keep going despite all of above.

Road2Manchester 12 Jan 2011 13:28

a little plan........ 3 yrs on
Bigdoozer...... changes name to Road2Manchester..... well it worked.

Start SPRING 2011 Manchester UK, Lincoln Square.

Finish Manchester Mexico..... 12 weeks later. 12760 miles (approx)
26 M/c in states.
Thanks to 3 yrs planning, and a little competition that it seems I have won. (More on that later)

Meetings next Weds to sort it all 'art.

United States of AManchester.

twitter @Road2manchester

facebook Roadto Manchester

road2manchester at 37.com e-mither.

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