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CanucSteve 20 Jan 2008 20:51

Travel Buddy to Alaska
I’ve planned a trip to leave Toronto, Ontario on June 27, 2008 and ride to Alaska and from there down to Vancouver, BC. I’ll then ship my bike and fly home from Vancouver.

Unfortunately I only have 17 days to do the trip, which means some days of quite heavy mileage, although the average is only 440 miles per day. I'm not going to Prudhoe Bay, but will be going to Fairbanks and Anchorage in Alaska.

My route is as follows:
- Toronto to Tobermory and ferry to South Baymouth, Manitoulin Island.
- To Thunder Bay, Kenora, (Trans Canada Highway 17)
- To Winnipeg, Moose Jaw, Calgary, Banff (Highway 1)
- To Lake Louise, Jasper (Icefield Parkway (93)
- To Grande Cache, Grande Prairie, Dawson Creek (40,43)
- To, Fort Nelson, Watson Lake (Alaska Highway 97)
- To Ross River, Carmaks, Pelly Crossing (Campbell 4 and Klondike 2)
- To Dawson City, Chicken, Tok, Fairbanks (Top of the World 9, Taylor 5, Alaska 2)
- To Healy, Montana, Anchorage (George Parks 3)
- To Glennallen, Tok, Hains Junction, Hains (Glenn 1, Alaska 2 & 1, Hains 4)
- Ferry to Skagway
- To Carcross, Johnson’s Crossing, Swift River, Dease Lake (Klondike 2, Alaska 1, Cassiar)
- To, Iskut, Hyder, Houston (Cassiar 37, 16)
- To Price George, 100 Mile House (16, 97)
- To Clinton, Whistler, Vancouver (97 and Sea to Skyway 99)

If I’m running out of time, due to bad weather or road construction, I’ll leave out Hains / Skagway and also Hyder. I’m flexible in terms of where I’ll stop each night and my objective is not to rush too much, and to leave enough time for photos along the way. On previous long trips (4,000 miles) I’ve been able to average 625 miles per day, with no real fatigue.

I’ll be sleeping in a tent most nights with the occasional “luxurious” night in a motel.

So far I'm on my own but would welcome company for part or all the way.

Bill Ryder 20 Jan 2008 23:36

Quite a trip
Since you are going thru Dawson city on your speedy tour take a day and see the arctic circle. If the weather is dry you can go up past eagle plains and back to Dawson in a day. The road and the terrain are awsom. If you ride late beware the gas stations that close early. It is light very late but some stations close at 6PM. I once filled up in watson lake and then they didn't have gas in Ross River so I rode on thru only to find the station closed and the weather sunny at 11PM.

Lone Rider 21 Jan 2008 01:10

You may want to factor in some rain days. It's a hit or miss thing.
Sure, you can ride in the rain, but you can't see sht - scenery being the main goal.
Your riding gear should be truly waterproof (stand in the shower proof) and you want to have warm clothing. It's a 'wet cold', and can be dangerous.

90% of the pics you take will be very broad fantastic lanscapes - widest angle lens you have.

Hotel/motels are relatively expensive. Many places to camp. Food costs more. Tires can be had in Whitehorse and Anchorage. Most paved roads allow for very hi speeds.

Kayelar650 10 Apr 2008 23:02

CanucSteve, I'm planning on leaving from Syracuse, NY and heading to Alaska along the same route that you've set out. I was planning on leaving July 1st, but that can be adjusted by a few days. I'm 57 years young and have considerable riding and camping experience. I'll be riding my KLR. If your still going and want company for all or part of the trip, let me know here. We can then switch to PMs. Hope to hear from you.

CanucSteve 11 Apr 2008 20:35

Alaska Travel buddy

Originally Posted by Kayelar650 (Post 184024)
If your still going and want company for all or part of the trip, let me know here. We can then switch to PMs. Hope to hear from you.


Nothing will stop me from going!! Unfortunately my dates aren't flexible, so I'm leaving at about noon on June 27th. You're welcome to join me and we can see how things work out.

I generally like to wake up early and be on the road by 7am, with a number of short stops during the day. (No long food breaks) I don't usually ride in the dark, but if I need to make up time, then I will.

I may have changed my route slightly, but in general the plan is go to Alaska and then down to Vancouver. I we do ride together, I'll send you my updated route.

Kayelar650 12 Apr 2008 02:04

Steve, Sent you an email. Alan

GSTAR 13 Apr 2008 10:48

It is a great ride
Greetings: I made a round trip to Alaska, using the Alcon Hwy.It took me 2 weeks to do just the part thru Canada, one way,I would love to do it again.
Iam in the US right now. I have a KLR650. The last time I was up there, the roads were ok. If we cant meet up , Good luck ,stop and enjoy the great views.I'll get back with you as time gets near, with my location. It is a great ride.

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