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jmallick 30 Jul 2005 23:41

train to alaska
I am leaving North Carolina for Alaska next month. Does anyone know of a train leaving from south central Canada heading towards Alaska that will take me and the bike? I think a few thousand miles of rail travel will not only break up the trip nicely but also save a few days travel time (a little short on vacation). Thanks for the info.


Joe in Oregon 31 Jul 2005 02:10

No rails to AK. Have you a copy of "The Mile Post"? That is an excellent source of info on the roads to AK.

Have driven it four times (1962 RT, 1967 OW, 1990 OW) in the cage but not yet on the bike. You should expect about 100-300 miles of gravel in relatively short chunks where they are doing annual road repairs.

Happy adventuring!

Joe in Oregon

Chris of Japan 31 Jul 2005 09:00


Originally posted by Joe in Oregon:
You should expect about 100-300 miles of gravel in relatively short chunks where they are doing annual road repairs.
I think it was only about 30 miles of gravel total last year when I went. The largest section was only about 10 miles. Of course. I suppose this can change depending on how much is torn up to resurface the road. In late May much of the construction had not yet started. I took the ferry back to I don't know how much construction started later.

markcapel 31 Jul 2005 16:08

More on this subject of Alaska, I am arriving in Vancouver very soon and planning on driving up and possibly getting the ferry back. Does any one know more about the ferry, how long, how much and were does it go to and from?

Also on the subject of tyres for Alaska, I need a new tyres in Vancouver, I was going to put knobbles on the GS, but if there is only 30 miles of off road I my just stick with the current arrangement of knobble on the front and Metz on the back? Can anyone let me know the road conditions?

jmallick 31 Jul 2005 17:57

Thanks for the info about the trains and road conditions. Two of the riders going are over 70 years old and may not be up for any gravel at all. I will check out the ferry from Washington though.


Riq 1 Aug 2005 00:07

Just a couple of thoughts, If you wanted to you could train the bikes as far as Fort Nelson. Counting on C.N. Rail to get them there in short order is a gamble though.

If you take the Highway 97 and the Alaska Highway The Roads are excellent with only some road construction. Having said this I also read a post the other day that said they could get quite mucky when it rains. If you chose highway 37 you will get not only far more gravel but it is of a type which is reported to be a lot sharper edged and tends to eat tires.

One way or the other the view is spectacular and well worth any minr inconvieniences you might encounter.

Have a great ride.


Bill Ryder 2 Aug 2005 13:10

Perhaps you all need to practice driving on gravel. It could come in handy elsewhere. And be careful if you come thru montana, only 25% of the roads are paved (thank goodness). I travelled up to the alaska border last summer on a street bike and experienced less construction than on the roads of montana (where there are two seasons--winter and road construction). Have you considered a vehical towing a trailer that can haul your bikes when convienient and or bad weather or tired riders?

Alaska Rider/MotoQuest 22 Feb 2010 18:46

Tire Change when you get to Alaska
If you want, you can call ahead, and we can have some tires ready for you when you get to Alaska. That is a option!

You are going to hit gravel and wet mud in Alaska and on your way to Alaska, as the highways are constantly under construction. Some riders use their less aggressive dirt tires on the way up, then change over to knobbies for the rest of the way to Prudhoe Bay.

Where the roads look like this...


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