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Sojourner 18 Feb 2003 02:27

From Toronto to Tierra del Fuego starting April 2003

I'm going on a RTW trip on a BMW F650GS, starting April 2003 and the first leg
will be from Toronto, Canada to Tierra del Fuego.
I'm heading straight south to the USA, where I will go west once I get to
agreeable weather and go to San Francisco. I plan to spend about 5 weeks
in the US.

So far nothing odd about such a trip, if it weren't for the telescope I'm
taking with me! This is a regular optical instrument for astronomical
observations and weights a whopping 7 Kg. Apart from the travelling and
having fun, my plan is to give kids a chance to
see the sky through a telescope.

For trip details, such as the planned route, trip reports and pictures,
check http://aroundamoteofdust.tripod.com

Nelson Oliveira
currently in snowy Toronto, Canada

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