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seouljoe 16 Feb 2011 09:26

Shipping my Harley Davidson to US - Europe
Got following rates for my March 24th sailing from Inchon, Korea to Long Beach, CA. USA basis L2 x W 0.9 x H 1.5 meters 2.7 CBM 320KG, on Wallenius Wilhelmson Ro-Ro line. A global service provider vis a vis Europe - Middle East-Asia - Japan - USA - Europe and South America.
Nice thing about this carrier is that they have been around a long time. A respected Scandinavian line. No frigging packing of bikes. Quick turn around at the port. No extra charges of hauling containers and port handling charges. Very cheap. 1/2 the price of 20ft box some cases 1/3 .
From US to Asia is much cheaper since they come almost empty, outside of US military and John Deere exports to load up GM, Kia, Hondas and Toyotas.

Dear Yun-Soo Park,

We would like to offer the rate and conditions as follows:

Port of load: Inchon
Port of discharge: Long Beach
*Transhipment via Yokohama

Commodity: Motorbike
Volume: 1UNIT/ 2.7M3/ 0.32MT
Time of Shipment: Unknown

Ocean freight: USD 800/lumpsum
Bunker Adjustment Factor: USD 21/wm 2011/01/01 till 2011/03/31
Manifest Filing Fee: USD 25/BL, factory new RORO units are exempted

- Rate is valid till 16.03.2011
- Rate quote #11021608U
- Rate is based on Liner terms.
- Shipment is subject to space and OPS acceptance.

Best regards

- - -
Jens-Simon Ulvoy
Trade Product& Pricing, Trade Management / Region Asia
Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics
Tokyo, Japan
Phone: +81 3 6858 8719
Phone Direct: +81 3 6858 8745
Mobile: +81 90 7408 2172
Fax: +81 3 6858 8701
E-mail: Jens-Simon.Ulvoy@2wglobal.com
Internet: www.2wglobal.com
- - -
Then on May of 2011
Baltimore, MA, USA to Bremerhaven, Deutchland

Good day,
We are pleased to offer the below rate
WWL Rate Offer:

Baltimore - BremerhavenTLI #8711-00-0001 Motorcycle Ocean Freight rate$425.00 per unit BAFCurrently applicable BAF 37.5 %. Subject to change: % in effective at time of shipment. THC$70.00 per unitWFG$5.95 per unitEU Manifest Filing Fee$25.00 per B/L (

mcgiggle 16 Feb 2011 17:03

Thanks for the post/info, I'll be onto to them :thumbup1:


seouljoe 22 Mar 2011 03:52

Bike is enroute
1.9m x .9m x 1.4m 320KG 2006 Harley FLHRI Road King. Inchon, Korea to Long Beach, Ca., USA Ocean freight USD 1,200, which includes Bunker, ocean, LB THC forwarding both end USD 650Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics - worldwide ocean transport, inland services, supply chain solutions, terminal servicesCustoms clearance and documentation both end Korea Express US motorbike insurance for one month USD 375 coverage 50/250/250 Dairyland Insurance Air Freight quote JFK to Berlin or Seville USD 1,800 + + \SHIPMYBIKE.COM in Jamaica New York.
Green Card for Europe 45 days for 145 Euro from Mototouring - motorcycle / bike rental, motorcycle tours and riding tours throughout the world in Milano.
Sky Rescue evacuation back to Korea for 100,000 with 400,000 death + disability coverage from
International Medical Group via Motorcycle Express - Ship Your Bike for 320 bucks for 6 months.

Now ,, do I go cross Siberia to Korea,,after Europe in a mad dash ,, or enjoy all the Mediterranean sea coasts, which I know so well,, in memory of my friend who died last year and wanted to ride the Iberian Pennisula,, and do the Russia next year.

seouljoe 30 Mar 2011 09:52

10 days left before I fly into LA ,, start from Santa Monica Pier ,, the beginning of the Steinbeck's Mother Road ,, in Grapes of Wrath ,, hit 1-40 in and out of Route 66 ,, will spend lots of time Alburquerque ,, Santa Fe ,, then more 1-40 all the way to Windy city ,, Chicago ,, eating nothing but the Mexican food all the way ,,
I am ready to go ,, all the lovely senoritas ,, beckons me ,, hurry ,, hurry ,,
Yun-Soo ,, aiiiiiiiiiii ,, carrrrrrrrrrammmbaaaaaaaaaaaa , !

seouljoe 24 Apr 2011 23:11

My route 66 plus ,,, 6,000KM or so,,,
Amazing 9 days of sheer cruising on a Harley ,,
By passed all the tragic weather ,, in the USA ,,
Pictures at The Journey ,,
[url=http://cafe.daum.net/HarleyAdventure]Daum ī

seouljoe 7 May 2011 01:07

US April 15 to April 26TH, 2011
3 Attachment(s)
Soon Europe,,
In Mexico to kill time ,,. until ship arrives in Bremerhaven.

seouljoe 10 Jun 2011 02:38

Back Home Safe
3 Attachment(s)
Happy to report ,, Back home safe ,,
Did USA Route 66 then to New York ,, Bremerhaven, Hannover, Berlin, Germany then to Warsaw and Krakow Poland to Vienna, Austria then to Zagreb and Biograd, Croatia for 2011 European HOG rally with 5,500 bikes and 15,000 local inhabitant participation ,, then drove 450KM of Croatian coast line to Italy, Trieste, Venice, Milano, to Monaco then to Montpellier along the Cote d'Azur,,crossing the Spain border into Barcelona then up north to Zaragoza, Bilbao and Pamplona ,, to cross into France again to Paris to Luxembourg, to Landau Germany then to Frankfurt ,, just got home yesterday ,,
2012 is for Russia and Mongolia ,,
Not a single flat tire or break down on my bike ,, she is a wonderful gal...
See you on the road soon folks ,,
Pics at Daum 카페 under The Journey

peekay 22 Jun 2011 08:32

Wonderful ride, seouljoe!!! :thumbup1: I hope to ride to Korea some day.

seouljoe 26 Jun 2011 01:36


Originally Posted by peekay (Post 339980)
Wonderful ride, seouljoe!!! :thumbup1: I hope to ride to Korea some day.

Yes it was a nice ride ,,
Can't wait for 2012 ,,
By all means ,, see you in Korea ,,

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