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Travelbug 29 Apr 2008 09:05

Rubicon Trail

I am surprised that the HUBB search function did not produce any posting about the famous RUBICON trail in the US.

Where exactly is it or what is the next big city?

Would it be possible to pass the Rubicon in, say, a normal Range Rover 4x4?

Many thanks,

Explorador 29 Apr 2008 17:39

Hey Travel,

It's in California. Crosses the mountains from the Central Valley to Lake Tahoe via 4WD road.

BTW- there's this great place on the interweb thingy called Google :eek3: Google

Rubicon DVD's & Books Rubicon Trail Jeep Trail Information, Videos, DVD's, Guide Books and Maps
Map http://www.rubicontrail.com/rubicon-VD-map.jpg
Rubicon Trail Foundation Rubicon Trail Foundation

Travelbug 30 Apr 2008 07:57

Many thanks Explorador,

good information! Much nicer this way than on Google! :mchappy:

I thought that this trail is really tough - and impossible for standard SUVs. Was hoping for some first-hand experience.

m37charlie 1 May 2008 03:16

In 1976 I drove it in a 69 Landcruiser with ~3" lift, 30" tires, open diffs (no lockers back then!); new Perkins diesel and 5spd trans. I did it solo, didn't get stuck, drove it in 1 day.
It may have changed since then.
It would be difficult in a stock modern 4X4.


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