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Gipper 17 Mar 2011 16:00

Route Home Miami to Banff
Hi, my bikes coming to Miami from Colombia on Saturday.

I was supposed to be in Arizona next Tuesday for a trailer ride back to Canada, but the bike has been delayed in Barranquilla and I will probably miss my ride home.

Any ideas for the 'warmest' route Miami - Banff ?

Is it better to head over to Arizona still and cut North, how much snow is around in Montana currently ?

Ive checked weather forcasts and webcams, but its no substitute for local knowledge.

If I can get the bike to Coutts I can get my wife to bring a trailer down to the border if its too icy to ride.

Is anyone riding near the USA/Canadian Alberta border yet or is it still too icy?

Ekke 17 Mar 2011 19:41

Not much help...
Hi Grif,

I think staying south for as long as possible and then cutting up I-15 is probably your best bet. As Lisa probably told you, we've got a Chinook going right now and the temperatures are certainly a lot more reasonable than a week ago. The highways around Calgary are just fine for riding right now but as you know the weather can change in an instant. Up I-15 I think there are only a few trouble spots but you'll need to monitor them as you get closer.

I'm hoping to pick up a new bike in Vancouver next week and ride home across the Rockies but when we get a Chinook the mountains get lots of snow so I'm not holding my breath.

Are you coming to the HU meeting in Nakusp at the end of August? Presenters get in for free! :D

If you can't make Nakusp then I hope that you can at least join the HU Community for a breakfast get-together some time...

NEVIL 17 Mar 2011 20:16


You should be good. The long term forecast according to Environment Canada is pretty good (looks like we're on the warm-up).
Just hope you're not wearing Frank Thomas gear : )

Safe trip home
If your Missus needs a hand, tell her to drop us a line.

Kindest regards


garmei 17 Mar 2011 23:04

Hi Grif,

Sorry to hear about your prang in Colombia. Trust that all is now well?

We are soon to be heading east from Arizona, so keep in touch since we may cross paths at some point, assuming you don't get severely delayed.

All the best
Gareth and Nia

Gipper 18 Mar 2011 15:07

Thanks for the replies guys,


we are hoping to make it to Nakusp again this year, had a great time last year and I will keep an eye out for the community breakfasts....
its warmed up fairly well in Southern Alberta, but as you say it can change quickly in a few hours....

I will still head to Arizona and cut North...and if Im a bit late then I might swing by the Overland Expo in Amado:D....shhh dont tell Lisa !!!

Whats your new ride ?


thanks very much mate, I will keep it in mind, looking forward to blowing the froth off a few sherberts with you sometime soonish I hope.....

Gareth & Nia

You guys have made good time across CAmerica, hows it been going? any dramas? - I will keep an eye out for Muttley when I get going....

the bikes a bit (more)scratched up and Im still running the temporary brake hose - a new one in Barranquilla was $100 usd !!!

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