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BruceP 22 May 2007 21:04

NYPD clamp down on bikes - any comments ?
I was forward this from BMW-K.COM :: View topic - Is NYC Police getting tougher on motorcyclists? by a friend, as I will be riding my bike through there in 22 days time, I wondered if any locals had any comments ?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NYPD Anti-Motorcycle Campaign Update<<<<<<<<<<<<
Highway Division is having a heavily expanded program targeting motorcyclists. The program is very aggressive. The program IS NOT condoning ANY contact between a NYPD Unit, marked or otherwise, and a motorcycle, nor is it condoned. If such contact has happened it is an accident. The major goal of this program is to see how many bikes can be impounded but it was stressed that only illegal machines or machines used to wilfully and flagrantly violate the law were subject.

The primary modus of the program is unlicensed operators, unregistered/uninsured machines and reckless operation. Motorcycles under scrutiny are generally those that might otherwise fall into the ?Jap-Bike?, ?Crotch Rocket? or ?Chopper? themes.

Generally those bikes that we could call ?Dresser?, ?Touring? or ?Cruiser? will not be scrutinized, as much. Roadblocks during popular riding times, in popular riding occasions are to be expected on a weekly basis and daily in some areas of special interest, no comment on where those might be other than Buro? interchanges and higher speed highways.

The various Highway Division patrol units are having a fraternal and highly unofficial competition to see who can hook the most bikes, one officer has about 30 thus far. They are taking this seriously. And the most important part of the discussion, lane splitting or using the shoulder is as of now an arrestable offence. They are not going to be issuing warning or citations or field appearance tickets, no they are going to be arresting even if it means arresting 15 guys and impounding all of their bikes.
NYPD is cracking down. Don't ride like a fool. Do keep your legals up to date. Don't split lanes. Arrest sucks. Impound officers don't care how much you paid. And NYPD is not condoning, encouraging or allowing wilful unit/bike contact.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Transmission<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

yuma simon 23 May 2007 03:19

You have to realize that New York is not like the rest of the US. It is its own (communist-leaning) country that happens to be in the US, and it tries to impose and force its evil ways on the rest of the country. I am sure that its politicians and police officers are in glee over how many pieces of private property they can get their grimy, corrupt hands on.

That being said, if you have seen what one of the newest trends in the US and New York in particular lately, is "freestyle" motorcycling. Think of skateboard and BMX bicycle stunts performed on older, slightly modified GSXR 750's in parking lots and you start getting the picture.

This has been a newer trend among the city's "urban" youth, as well as others. However, with the increasing interest, there will be those who obtain their bikes in questionable fashion, or who should not be riding (i.e. unlicensed riders with unregistered bikes). The bikes are not trailered to where the youth gather to watch and/or participate, but are ridden through the streets.

So while most cities and states would and should try to reduce reckless and illegal riding, I can only imagine how many innocent people will be caught up in the nets set up by the People's Communist Republic of New York and lose their pride and joy?

trevor daly 23 May 2007 21:28

I grew up in the bronx for 16 years and can tell you personally that the NYPD have always targeted bikers.In New York City there isn't anywhere for
kids to ride there dirt bikes,so they ride all over the streets.I'm guilty or that too.From where i lived to the woods that we would ride in was about 8 miles so we would ride our dirt bikes there on the street and we knew that the NYPD would take our bikes if we were stopped,so we would just run from them if the attempted to stop us.We figured that if we all split up they can only catch one of us.(YOUNG AND DUMB)Now the difference between my bikes and other kids in NYC was that my bikes were always bought and paid for.I always had a title.A lot of bikes in new york back then were stolen and the police knew that.So it made all bikers a target.I don't think that things have changed much in 10 years and i know when in NYC always have several different locks on hand.Security is a big issue take it from me i have had 2 bikes stolen from me there.Best advise i can give is just have your papers in order and ride normal and you should be fine.Just watch out for all the potholes.

BruceP 25 May 2007 23:58

Once out of NY, I will go back to my normal policy of giving citys a miss

Smellybiker 26 May 2007 02:45

Forgive my ignorance (I'm a Brit).....lane splitting, thats riding between the lanes and its illegal in the US ?

If so, is that just in moving traffic or can you move to the front of a stationary traffic queue ?

mmaarten 26 May 2007 06:50

Hi Bob,

Yep, riding in between the lines of cars in a traffic-jam, that is what they
call lane-splitting and it is (as far as I know) illegal in all states except

For me the largest problem was the difference in laws between states,
so I just rode conservative and that worked just fine.:innocent:

The only interaction I had with the law was when they showed me a good camping-spot.:cool4:
Even at one time, when I had camped illegal along the "white rim trail" in Canyonlands NP
(how was I to know you needed to apply for a permit months in advance?:oops2: ) and
a ranger asked me where I had camped (and I told him the truth) he just asked if I needed a
permit for the next night or if I could make it out of the park in time.
The same ranger gave a citation to a dirt-biker who fell of his bike 10 minutes later
(unable to maintain control over the vehicle, 100U$):confused1:

For me, nothing but praise for the strong arm of the law. BUT!!!! I did not go to the bible-belt or the east.
Things seem to work different there.:hang:



ldeikis 8 Jun 2007 14:05

Hi guys. Don't usually check the NA forum, BUT:

This isn't about cracking down on unplated dirt bikes and hooligans wheelying uninsured Gixxers, it's about cracking down on ALL motorcyclists. , including us adults in protective gear riding safely on conservative bikes.

I've been riding bikes my whole life and have been living here for 8 years. This crackdown is politically motivated BS. Lane-splitting, while illegal, has always been tolerated by NYPD as long as it's done responsibly. I know the rest of you Americans (CA aside) think it's a dangerous ridiculous activity, but lanesplitting turns what could be a 90 minute drive into a 30 minute one, reduces congestion, and gets you out of the squish zone between two distracted drivers' bumpers. For years NYPD would look the other way if you did it safely. Now you can't even paddle to the front of a stop light... Now they pull you over, if you're lucky you get ticketed (maybe for several things you allegedly did), if you're unlucky they write you up for reckless driving and impound your bike. They're ticketing people for having their visors flipped up at lights to get a breath of air--even if you're wearing glasses!--as a regular thing, not a heard-it-once sort of occurrence. They're setting up stings where they camp out at one intersection and pull over EVERY bike that comes through and make you wait 15 minutes until they get to you (you'll be in a row of other motorcyclists), treat you rudely, and let you go--insulting but no big deal if you're in order, but the day it makes you unacceptably late to an important job you'll feel different... nevermind the fact that it's blatant profiling. They'll pull you over for ADMITTEDLY no reason just to run your paperwork: literally tell you they just pulled you over to check you out and if you're legal you can go in a few minutes. Is that totally illegal? Yes. Does it make any difference when you're sitting there on the side of the road, sweating in the sun while some *sshole treats you like a criminal for choosing a responsible enjoyable way to get around? No.

Sorry for the rant, but this isn't about communist NYC cracking down on lawlessness, this is about bullshit politics needing something to trumpet on the soapbox and motorcycles being an easy target. Strict enforcement of laws like lanesplitting and creative parking is lame, but they have the right to do it. Blatantly harassing totally legal citizens who have done nothing wrong is insulting, unfair, and illegal.

Come to the city, make sure your papers are in order, dot evey i and cross every t, consider your parking choices carefully, and be VERY wary of splitting.


yuma simon 8 Jun 2007 20:52

I apologize. I guess I really was too kind to the government and police of the People's Republic of New York by suggesting that it was hooliganism that was the motivating factor. You have given me another reason to NOT visit that city!

Paul Narramore 26 Jun 2007 09:06

Lane splitting ie filtering. Wouldn't US Police have a field day in the UK? Whilst filtering is accepted in the UK, last week I was astonished to be passed a bunch of riders filtering at speed between the left and the middle lanes. Talk about gormless. Traditionally drivers expect riders to filter between the middle and the right hand lane and those in the righthand lane even move over a little to allow motre room. Many UK don't filter responsibly either, travelling at far too great a speed between the cars.

I was stopped for lane splitting a few years ago in Arizona (I think). There was temporary traffic lights in the middle of a desert and I bimbled up to the front at 5mph. A traffic officer came up and harangued be for ages. I argued my case to asked what the problem was and he said it was dangerous because of oncoming traffic. When I pointed out that there was no oncoming traffic in the middle of this bloody hot desert, he then said that the occupants of the stooped cars would be 'pissed off with me' because of what I did. Yes, these people supping cold Cokes in their air conditioned cars. It took the production of an old warrant card to calm the jumped up little **** down and we left on almost good terms.

The following day I got bollocked for riding across the forecourt of a petrol station sans helmet. Jeez!

Duke777 1 Jul 2007 17:05

Like Ideikis said - this is just a crackdown on idiots whose first bike is a 160hp Gixxer and only wear out the middle of part of their tires.

Duke777 1 Jul 2007 17:08

That being said - I have been pulled over a few times. Just make sure you have insurance, registration, inspection. Cops tend to target areas like Greenwich Street near the Ear Bar on Tuesday nights (a place i highly recommend going for Bike Night) and bridges back over to Long Island on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays.

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