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geladera 5 Jan 2008 21:08

north to the futures through a storm
just soliciting some advice from those more expierenced than myself.

i am currently around san fransisco and plan on heading north to seattle washington around 800 miles. currently there is a storm advisory in affect for the west coast based on current weather reports there is no freezing weather on the coast but temperatures are around 40 degress, around 5 C.

is this trip do-able/wise with current conditions?

thanks for the info

John Ferris 5 Jan 2008 21:46

National Weather Service - NWS Sacramento
The weather link is above.
But you know what the weather is, cold and rain.
If you have good riding gear you could go but do you need to go ?

DLbiten 6 Jan 2008 03:17

I have done 101 (I5 is a better bet with this storm as big as it is) with gust up to 50mph not fun. its wet and nasty all that water proof gear you have well is not. 800 miles Id look at doing 400 a day or less get a hotel with a washer and dryer if not get to camp ground early and get a yert nice and dry. Bring extra socks, heated gear, gloves, ext. if you have it. Look out for trucks the wind and wash off them can be a bit more than exiting. The rain wind may put a few rocks and trees in your path as well. If you do 101 the redwoods can be slick so look out for that.

I like riding in the rain and nasty weather. I like looking at "real" bikes getting out of cars and grin. I dont like being cold and wet for 800 miles. I hate crashing do silly things.

If you have the skills and gear go for it. If you dont take the car.

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