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maja 19 Apr 2009 03:54

Nevada Turquoise jewelry shops
:helpsmilie:Hi People, any recommendations for buying Turquoise jewelry along highway 50, I have to keep the kids and grandkids happy somehow when I get home. I have seen some really good prices on the internet but the sites with the nice stuff seem to require a CC billing address in the US and don't give a shop address. So, if anyone knows of good places, ideally between Ely and Reno, where I can go face to face with them and by waving money get them down to their internet prices I would be grateful.

Ride safe.

John Ferris 19 Apr 2009 04:40

Nevada is not much of a Turquoise state. Your best chance is in southern Utah or Arizona.
But there is a shop in the old downtown Ely, accross the street from the Hotel Nevada, in that block somewhere.
I think it has more geodes and opals than turquoise.

yuma simon 19 Apr 2009 06:41

Having lived on the Navajo reservation in northern Arizona, I can tell you that there is plenty of turquoise jewelry to find exactly what you wanted.

I lived on school housing as I taught for the local school district, and the locals would always come through the teacher housing trying to sell their crafts, mostly jewelry. As we lived near the Hopi reservation, we would go to some of the Hopi bazaars looking for locally made crafts, too.

My wife had purchased a very nice turquoise bracelet during the week, one month, we went to the Hopi bazaar that weekend. One of the Hopi jewelry dealers that we got to know noticed it, and asked my wife how much she had paid for it. On closer inspection, she pointed out that it was fake turquoise!! She explained to my wife and I that real turquoise doesn't burn when a red hot nail or pin is put directly on the turquoise, so just be aware that fake stuff exists.

If the dealer is reputable, they should let you heat up a pin, and press it to the stone.

John Ferris 20 Apr 2009 14:57

I asked a friend and he told me that Nevada has lots of turquoise in jewelry shops, indian smoke shops.

maja 23 Apr 2009 03:09

Hi Guys, thanks for taking time to answer, so far, 3 in Austin, 1/2 a one in Ely, and about 6 in Reno. But I'm still looking. Just in passing, the Lincoln highway in my opinion beats the c**p out of Rt. 66 and was I believe, the first trans continental highway. But I could be wrong about that. Ride safe.

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