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nicolasrapp 3 Jan 2011 23:58

Need info on USA customs
Anyone has info on the procedure on arrival at port? I will arrive in California, and hope to not have to use a clearing agent.
Help anyone?

acash8668 10 Jan 2011 06:14

where from?
your location shows as New York. Where are you shipping from. It is possible to clear customs your self, but an agent makes life so easy by ensuring all the paperwork is in order before you arrive.

nicolasrapp 10 Jan 2011 07:50

I am shipping from Thailand. Was wondering if I could unpack and drive out of container on the port, or if I have to truck the container out of the port first. Customs should b easy as the truck is registered in the US...

Phil Flanagan 10 Jan 2011 16:49

here's how ?
Hi Nicolas

Though my info may be a little out of date i'm guessin not much will have changed in last couple of years.
We came through Mongolia, Russia, South Korea then shipped in container to Long Beach.
We used Wendy at aerokorea 'AT' unitel.co.kr for arranging shipping out of south korea.
There was an easy to find imports office in Long Beach (sorry to be so vague) but i'm guessin you can find that one easy enough.
We handled all the import paperwork (temporary tourist import) for the vehicle there and then in about two hours with exceptionally friendly lady who was most helpful.
We did this on the friday BEFORE the ship had even docked (it docked on the Sunday).
We were not allowed into the port so your idea of driving out the container (as we also wanted) won't be accepted.
You have to arrange for a container collect and deliver to external port location. This was easy enough to sort but will knock you back couple hundred bucks.
Wendy (that korean shipping agent i mentioned) gave us a name and contact details for an agent in long beach whom we contacted for getting the container collected (i'll try to locate those contact details and repost later if i can find em)

So, just to clarify, we DID NOT use an agent in USA.
we COULD NOT enter port though so you'll have to get that sorted.

we entered US in November 2007 after 2 yrs on the road and hey guess what? we're still moving !!!!

Like your site.


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Phil Flanagan 10 Jan 2011 17:04

so this is details of forwarding agent, we used these people but NOT for sorting paperwork just as a convenient contact and drop point for the container (they arranged the collection), if i remember rightly (and it's logical) they needed BOL before collecting container.

contact name : Mindy Im

Advanced Shipping Corp.
857 E. Sandhill Ave.
Carson, CA 90746
Tel : 310-768-4000
Fax : 310-768-4061

Advanced Shipping Corporation

little vague on this one but the office for customs was approximately here :

customs office long beach - Google Maps


Tony P 10 Jan 2011 22:02

A friend had his Korean registered, German built, bike airfreighted from UK to US (Florida) about 10 months ago.

The bike was held in Customs for several weeks while an approval letter was awaited from the Environment Protection Agency. The UK air shippers knew nothing about needing such a letter and their US Agents (in California!) were no help.

By the time the letter was received he was out of time to complete his RTW and just rode it from one Air freight warehouse to another to fly it back to Korea. It caused a bit of a stink among followers on ADV - especially those living in the so called "The Land of the Free"!

nicolasrapp 11 Jan 2011 23:48

Thanks for the info. Do you remember if you need Notice of Arrival before doing the customs? When I am done and out, will post details.

Phil Flanagan 12 Jan 2011 16:33

don't think so
i don't remember having any 'official' notice of arrival.
they just needed to know ship details and expected dock date.

Hi tony ! - 'land of the free' - pah, i do not believe that 'land of the free' exists in any country that needs to make or imply that very claim !


nicolasrapp 12 Jan 2011 18:49

Advanced Shipping Corp. is now asking $500 to truck the container out. Trying to get a better price and will let you guys know!

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