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VinnyViper 24 Feb 2004 00:41

I`m British can I take a bike test in Miami buy a bike and r

Failed bike test in UK day before I left want to buy Kawasaki KLR650 in Miami and head to Central America. Can I do a test in Maimi? British Citizen with full UK driving license and CBT having completed 4 day direct access course.

nickt 28 Mar 2004 01:10

Not impossible, but probably difficult. Most States now want to see your Social Security Number when applying for a licence. You'll also need an address in the State you're applying in.

Florida DMV:

And reading this part makes it seem difficult:

I know California had some less stringent requirements earlier this year, but don't know if that's changed or not.


Nick Taylor
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1996 300 TDi 90
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Grant Johnson 28 Mar 2004 01:19

Wherever you currently are, just walk into the motor vehicle office and see what they say about taking the test. DO be sure to have an address to give.

As a general rule, if you are from out of the country and taking temporary residence there, for whatever reason, you are REQUIRED to get a local licence. You surrender your home licence and get a local licence. Sometimes you have to take a test, other times no. Once you have a local car licence, getting a bike licence is easy, just pass the test. If you just failed the UK test, the US/Canada test is generally a walk in the park. The written may be a little tricky, have to read up on local rules.

Social insurance number shouldn't be required in these circumstances. If it is, try a different office, or a different state.

Also contact Motorcycle Express re insurance, perhpas they'll have some info on licencing too. Tell em we sent you. Also the other insurance companies on the Links page for insurance quotes.

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