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Iain 25 Oct 2005 21:40

Can a Non US citerzen buy and register a new bike in Alaska?

I live in London, England and am planning to do the Pan American trip.

Can anyone advise me if I can buy a new motorbike in the US, register it, so it's legally in my name and then head South out of the country into Mexico and away?

I have no US address or paper of any kind.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

petefromberkeley 25 Oct 2005 23:14

Yes you can. You will need an address that you claim as your permanent address and to which the paperwork will be sent. Contact me directly and I can help you out with that. I live ten miles from San Francisco ( a good area to buy a bike by the way- go to www.craigslist.com for a good second hand selection).

Namron 26 Oct 2005 02:36

Posted this for another member that asked about Canada. think it would work the same
Was into the dealer today and asked about you buying a bike. Said you can, all you need is an address to register it and they will give you one. When you have it registered you can get insurance, witch you need in Canada, with a international drivers license.


Namron '04 F650GSA, '03 Yamaha Venture, Calgary, Alberta Canada.
Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once.

blackjack 10 Nov 2005 18:24

Hi there, just a quick question, I,ve heard people say in CA its a buyers market for bikes......would you agree with this and why??
I,m interested in shipping mine over or buying myself.........

petefromberkeley 10 Nov 2005 22:14

Yes, Id' say California is a good place to buy. You can check out the web site listed above for used bikes. For new bikes it is also good because there are so many dealers that they are in real competition with each other. For example there are five or six BMW dealers within 20 miles of my house. If I don't get what I want at one, I take my business elsewhere. The 12 month riding season and traffic congestion encouraage more people to ride so I guess it's just a bigger market here.

pitblama 16 Mar 2008 09:20

hey Namron
i just bought the alberta registered bike few days ago
i have the papers with sale agreement on it

how can i do the paperwork(changing the ownership) while being abroad?
once i got the address in alberta what should i do?

thanks for any info

acash8668 8 Apr 2008 05:13

No problem if you need an address in san Diego. What part of London? I'me from Hendon

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