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Simon D 2 Oct 2007 05:11

Can i please 'borrow' an Oregon address?!
I'm actually in Bend, Oregon, now to buy a bike that i found on cycletrader.com. I should have asked earlier, but can anyone please let me use their address for the registration and insurance documents?

I'm an Australian mid RTW and flew into Vancouver last week from Japan, but couldn't find many options in West Canada so made my way here arriving today.

Once i get the bike i'll ride north to kill time with friends in Seattle and Kelowna (CA) until my brother's Oct 18th arrival, so can either collect it on the way to south or send you $ to post the docs to an on-route address. (we haven't actually worked out the route to Mexico yet)

Thanks if you can help. And maybe i'll see you at your house with beer!


Statdawg 5 Oct 2007 04:52

Hello Simon
There is a web site that is very popular in the States and others from a far have joined. Adventure Rider Motorcycle Forum it is easy to join. Their members have a tent space thread which help members contact others for housing, local info, and riding. I put your aforementioned request on their Regional Forum / PacWet. Hopefully someone in that part of the world will help. I have clicked on both your email and website and failed to get on. The email was returned and the server was full at geocities. Please PM me with updated data. Also use our Community page here.

I live on the East Coast so can't help you anymore than that for now.

Be safe.

Hindu1936 5 Oct 2007 16:06

check your private messages. address is there

jm lebanon, oregon

Simon D 5 Oct 2007 23:16

Address sorted
Thanks to all those who replied. I have an address, and for extra info to others i insured an '07 KTM 640 Adventure comprehensively (everything-liability, theft, self caused damage) for $382 with Progressive. And when i cancel the policy they will pro rata refund all remaining premium, with no cancellation charges etc. So it's especially cheap for just a couple of months.

I'm going to use more of the Adventure Rider site too now that i see it is quite valuable in the US. Cheers

colebatch 10 Oct 2007 15:05

Mate ... still waiting for your write up on driving thru Tuva ....... :-)

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