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milkman 15 Aug 2010 10:36

Can an Aussie register a bike in Canada?
G'day everyone,
I'm flying to Montreal for a mate's wedding in October, and have a month off.
I'm hoping to buy a bike, any bike, to ride around on with my girlfriend for a stint, cold weather or not.

Now I know how to purchase a bike in some states of the US, but I can't find any information about Canada in general, or any of the provinces.

Can anyone shed some light on the situation for me? I could always go into the US and try and buy/register/sell there, but as I'm in Canada anyway, I'd like to try something locally.
I have a local friend who would suply and address, and other friends who have registered cars in Canada no problem, but some insurance companies in Canada are telling me its not possible without a local licence?

If you're in Montreal, or Canada anywhere, and can help, we'll drink some beers http://s3.amazonaws.com/advrider/1drink.gif

Any help would be much appreciated



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