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PatOnTrip 29 Oct 2007 21:03

California Evaporation System
Hi All,

I moved to California and need to register the KLR I used for my Trans-Americas trip. It is still running well and has about 95 000Km. But takes a bit of oil when riding around 80Mph.

Does anyone would have a spare Evaporation System in their garage? Or would know where to buy a used one. I'm in Orange County. I went to a Kawasaki dealer today and they are asking 400$US + Tax :(


javkap 30 Oct 2007 02:35

Hola Pat
How you doing?
Long time without any news from you….
We miss you a lot here in BA but not your sport shoes (U know why) hehehe

About the ES you are asking maybe better to ask in ADVrider.com forum as swell. Lot off KLR riders there…

garygpete 30 Oct 2007 18:39

:scooter: Hi There,

Every time I have gone to register an out of state bike for California they have been most concerned that the current papers were for the bike. I haven't ever had an inspector check for "smog equipment" on a bike, just the frame and motor numbers matching the paperwork.

I think I would try registering it first, befor I went to the expense of purchasing the evaporative system. Most DMV people aren't that familiar with motorcycles:innocent: garygpete

petefromberkeley 30 Oct 2007 18:51

I agree, just go register the bike. I once registered a used bike with no cables comming from the instruments. They recorded the milage indicated on the cable-less odometer as though nothing was wrong, I doubt they knew anything about smog equipment.

PatOnTrip 2 Nov 2007 03:09

Thanks Guys for your feedbacks
I'll go to the DMV with the bike and see what will happen.


Javier, I'm doing fine. I'm working. It is boring to go to work everyday. I miss being on the road. I'll just do my time here and then the adventures will continue...

how things are going down there? You'd better watchout!!! Christmas is on its way. Maybe I will send you another pair of shoes as a present. So can remember and smell those old souvenirs ;)


Thermal 13 Nov 2007 09:30

DMV does not do smog checks - you have to go to an authorized station for that, but since Ca. does not require smog checks for motorcycles... yet ... you should be fine without it. If worst comes to worst, check out Tri-County Motorcycle salvage in Ventura - The guy has got a ton of old bikes and parts lying about and always seems to dig up something that'll work.

stickfigure 29 Nov 2007 11:31

If you have a AAA membership, you can register your vehicle at AAA offices. I've registered three bikes that way and nobody came out to look at the vehicle itself. They were all CA bikes being registered in CA, but I didn't get the impression it would have mattered one way or another.

The AAA membership is worth not having to stand in like at the DMV. Bigtime.


mollydog 30 Nov 2007 03:37

yesterday here in Nor Cal. So, I'd not worry

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