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amiller 5 Mar 2009 02:47

Buying in the usa and importing to canada
Hi All
Can you help me please I am brit over in Alberta canada and wanting to buy a KTM 640 Adventure in the USA Ohio,and wanting to ride down to S.A but want to know the legal implications with regards to importing the bike and obtaining insurance etc.
I am also wanting to register it in Alberta canada before leaving for my trip down south!
So what do I have to do? register it in ohio then get insurance there? or am I able to obtain a permit here in Alberta to transport the bike from the usa then do the paperwork here in canada? and what about customs! will they want money?
I have an address of a friend in Calgary to use for registration purposes.
Please advise asap please,as I have located a bike already.

Thanks :scooter:

Riq 5 Mar 2009 15:04

All you need to know
This is the website with the answer to most if not all of the questions you will need answered.

how to import

These are the folks who will decide if you can import, how much it will cost, etc.

Have fun.


amiller 5 Mar 2009 19:24

Thanks Rick
This is a great help,great site too! Seems a lot of paperwork also taking into the doller at the moment!

Cheers Andy.

PanEuropean 14 Mar 2009 05:31

Hello Andy:

As you have probably discovered from looking at the Registrar of Imported Vehicles website, it will be quite a PITA to import the bike to Canada even if your only objective is to plate the bike in Canada.

Have you considered simply plating (and insuring) the bike in the state that you purchase it in? I am quite certain that the dealer who sells you the motorcycle would be willing to list his business address as the 'address of record' for you. In other words, the bike gets registered to "Andy Smith, KTR motorcycle dealer, 123 main street, sumstate, USA". Generally speaking, no-one cares at all what the nationality, citizenship, etc. of a person registering a vehicle is. Where I live (BC, Canada), Osama Bin Laden could buy and plate a vehicle, no-one would ask any questions. There is no prerequsite that you have to have a driver licence to own a vehicle. As long as you are plating the thing in the same state or province as you buy it in, it is a very routine exercise, the motor vehicle dealer usually does it for you.

Once it is plated, you can then get insurance. I don't think it would make any difference at all to you - as you travel - whether the bike was plated in Canada, the USA, the UK, or any other country in the world.


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