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Keith46 21 Apr 2011 20:26

Buyback on KLR in New York, New Jersey area?
Hey folks. Im heading to the states on may 1st for 3 months of bike travel taking in Alaska mainly and as much of the rest of the country that i can get to. It was supposed to be 6 months but unfortunately i was refused a B2 tourist visa in the embassy in Ireland as, apparently, i "don't have sufficiently strong social or economic ties to my home country to guarantee my return". So i'll have to make do with the 90 day visa waiver instead. I'm worried that the visa refusal will count against me so i would like to arrange a buyback deal on a bike to show to immigration that i have no intention of overstaying. If anyone has any info on a dealer that would be interested in this sort of deal please pass it on. I'm staying in South New Jersey for the first couple of weeks so anywhere reasonably close to there would do. I've looked at the rental option but it's crazy money and way over my budget. It'll be much appreciated as i'm actually having sleepless nights worrying about getting in at this stage.
Thanks. Keith.

markharf 21 Apr 2011 23:14

Fer godssakes don't mention a bike. You still need a round trip ticket to enter the country with your waiver, so why complicate things by mentioning anything about buying a motorcycle? Just tell them you're going to be touring around by rented car, bus or train for three months, then leaving. Bring evidence you can support yourself (credit and debit cards will suffice), and be prepared to describe whatever will convince them you'll reliably return home (job, school, family, responsibilities, ties, whatever), since even with a waiver they'll turn you back if they think you might work or over-stay.

Never volunteer information or offer more than they ask. Keep it simple. Complexity makes them suspicious. Your goal is to blend into the background, which consists of tourists who'd never even dream of renting or buying a motorcycle. In other words, be boring.

Hope that helps.


Keith46 22 Apr 2011 23:21

Hey Mark. Thanks for the advice. I'll be as boring and nondescript as possible. No mention of bikes and if anyone asks i drive a prius and collect matchboxes.
And as soon as i'm in the fun will begin....:clap:

petcul 22 Jul 2011 08:40


I've started to make enquiries for next year but looking at BMWs in the Baltimore area. Responses so far are no, maybe but one really positive response from these guys:


I'd be interested to see how you get on.

You might also want to explore bike swapping as an alternative:

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