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holly 17 Apr 2008 23:38

bike storage calafornia
hi my name is frank this is my first post on this site so excuse my lack of knowlage of how it all works i am from ireland and last year i bought a klr 650 in seattle and rode to prudhoe alaska and back through the rockies to seattle some 8000 mls the dealer was good enough to store the bike for me .i am returning in july 08 to tour through midwest and wounder if anyone can help me with storage of my bike some where between denver or san diego untill i return next year when i hope to return to continue my journey to south america any help would be very much appreciated

yuma simon 18 Apr 2008 04:23

If it helps, I have a home in Yuma, Arizona--about 180 miles east of San Diego, but same approx. latitude (just on the US side of the Mexican border) that you are welcome to keep it at. You will have close proximity to 2 border crossings here in town when you want to head south.

Member 'mojorising' is touring the US from the UK, but is based at a relative's home in Phoenix, which might be better for you.

Statdawg 18 Apr 2008 05:05

East Coast available if you need it.
If for some reason you need it stored on the east coast I am close to New York City and dealers are nearby if you need parts.

DaveSmith 18 Apr 2008 23:13

I'm in Sacramento and my garage is open for you.


holly 21 Apr 2008 22:47

thanks for the offers for storage yuma could ba an option but phoenix may be better as i can get flights back home from there ,yuma simon if your friend in phoenix had space and didnt mind storing my bike that would be fantastic i could then book my flights .thanks to yuma simon , statdawg , dave smith for your help

yuma simon 21 Apr 2008 23:01

Email 'mojorising' as he is on tour right now. Obviously, I can't speak for him (or his relative who's home mojo is using as his base) but it would be worth a try.

Yuma is about half way, literally, between Phoenix and San Diego, and there is a Greyhound bus that goes either direction, as well as shuttle vans from Yuma to Phoenix airport (worse case scenario, if you "had" to leave it here). I have other friends in the Phoenix area, too, which might work out for you, again, if Phoenix seems like the place to pick up your journey next year. PM 'mojorising' at any rate.

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