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Cugel 25 Mar 2006 16:45

Bike shops in the San DIego area
Hi All,

I'm at a conference in San Diego from 1 to 8 April. I was going to fill my bags with bike bits while I'm out there. I'm after an Edelbrock carb kit for an XR600, and a Vortex CDI for same. Possibly will by a new end can, top-yoke with hi-risers, SRC Oil Cooler kit and maybe steering damper.

Does anyone know of a dealer in the area who might be able to order some of this stuff for me? I already tried Baja Designs in San Marcos, but they couldn't help.

Thanks in anticipation.


Stephano 25 Mar 2006 18:44

When my daughter was on a college trip from the UK to New York last month I had something for my bike sent to her hotel. The inland US postage was a lot lower than shipping to the UK. Assuming you’re in Birmingham, Midlands and not Birmingham, Alabama why don’t you find a US supplier like Chaparral to send to your San Diego address? I have used several US bike part suppliers and normally found their delivery service to be excellent.

IMHO the best people for XR stuff are XR’s Only in Hesperia on the way out to Las Vegas (not that far from San Diego). In 2000, I did a cultural tour of the States including visits to Baja Designs, XR’s Only, & Scott’s (Steering Dampers). By far the best to deal with were XR’s Only. They have a section on the XR600 including Mikuni carburetors and CDI kits. If they think the Mikuni carb is better than an Edelbrock they’ll tell you why.

Enjoy your trip and don't miss the Hotel Del. http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/smile.gif

Cugel 26 Mar 2006 15:02

Thanks Stephano,

I'll probably do as you suggest. I looked at the XR's only site; very good.

Your notion of culture fits perfectly with mine by the way. As I write, other half is on girls cultural trip to Egypt, whereas I'm getting worked up about going to Baja Designs!

By the way, which hotel Del is that ... they all see to be Del Ray, Del Mar , Del Rio .. etc.?


Stephano 26 Mar 2006 15:56

Ever seen “<a style="color: blue; text-decoration: underline; text-underline: single" href="http://imdb.com/title/tt0053291/trivia">Some
Like It Hot</a>” or a particularly corny episode of Baywatch with a ghost in it?

“The resort scenes were filmed entirely
at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, California. One reason why Wilder chose this location was Monroe's ongoing personal problems. He wanted a location where she could live on site and not have to be transported.”

It’s worth a visit when you're done with XR's Only!

Cugel 27 Mar 2006 23:27

Thanks Stephan,

I'll check it out. Thanks for the tip about the Mikuni, it seems much better value than the Edelbrock. All I want is better starting and some auto altitude correction. The Mikuni kit is about half the price of the Edelbrock.


Stephano 28 Mar 2006 00:14

The day my XR400 was stolen, 2 weeks ago, I rode a stock XR as well as my bike with the Mikuni and aftermarket exhaust. The Mikuni carburetor makes a great difference to the XR400 in throttle response. You can open it up from idle without any hesitation or misfire which is perfect for riding dunes.

Easier to start too I remember from my own bike. (The ‘stock’ XR I recently rode has electric start!)

Regards, Stephan

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