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siggsy 22 Jun 2006 07:10

bike sales in nova scotia
i am in the early stages of trip planning and are new to all this really (just done a few small trips so far)..... i was thinking nova scotia to vancouver then upto alaska, via hopefully a few northerly canada detours along the way.... i see on here this trip is quite common, so i was hoping that some peeps could recommend a bike retailer in nova scotia where i could see what the prices are for bikes, preferably a KLR 650...... still looking into if its best for me to by a bike in nova scotia or here in london then send over to canada..

many thanks, yours naively, siggsy

winmac 15 Jul 2006 00:41

Have a look at the nova scotia dual sport club site, links to dealers and bike for sale page.


siggsy 18 Jul 2006 18:43

nice one winmac... i`ll keep an eye open on there and the site is leading to other ideas and stuff for me, so its a major help mate... thanks loads

winmac 20 Jul 2006 02:58

heres one just listed

2001 Kawasaki 650 KLR for sale.

Very Good condition, new tires and battery
23000 Km
not driven this year
$4200 Neg
call 476-4887

I think thats about 2000euro

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