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tenere_rider 17 May 2008 10:44

Aussie Tourer Seeks Bike Storage near New York City
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Hi All
I have bought a KLR650 in Michegan, and am bringing pannier bags to fit to it. My plane arrives on the 16th June at JFK New York City. I plan to ride from Michegan to Orlando FL where I am showing a Technology Students Association and teachers conference how I teach school kids here how to make model chopper bikes here in Australia. The conference is end of June to early July 2008. I would like to store the bike somewhere accessable to New York City for a year. I plan to return in June 2009... and tour to the next Annual TSA Conference in Colorado! By the way, if anybody wants to know how to scratch build fibreglass pannier boxes using the inside of wheelie rubbish bins as moulds, contact me! Just be prepared to finish the casting between your weekly "rubbish collection cycle" :thumbup1: Visiting tourers to Adelaide South Australia welcome... if you miss the shed at home, and your bandsaw, drill press and centre lathe you will love my home workshop!


Statdawg 17 May 2008 20:38


I live on a family farm 125 miles west of New York City in Pennsylvania. I have an enclosed garage, spare battery tenders and could even run the bike on back country roads till you return. There is a local Kawasaki dealer close by. So if I need to get the fluids changed, parts etc etc on your return I can get them for us. I will even keep it clean and make sure no mice will move in while it waits for you.

Getting to New York from here is easy there is a commuter bus that runs often in both directions or it is just a two hour auto ride to the City.

That is the good news. On June 25th I am headed to California and plan to be on the road for about 4-5 weeks returning in early August. I can still get family members to assist you if you need it. We would even provide lodging if needed. I know someone without a garage in New York City that might help with accommodations till you leave. But I have to check if they are not heading out on the road as well. I have two HU references if you are worried about me parting out your bike or asking you to pick it up in Buenos Aires instead of NYC in 2009. :confused1: Well it would be closer to Australia.

I have tools here if you need to modify it to a Mad Max version next summer.

All the best


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